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Taya Louise // Eight Months Update

October 4, 2019


It’s been an incredibly busy month for Taya, it feels like she’s learnt a hundred things in the last couple of weeks. 

I took a photo of her on Sept 5th; it was the very first time she was able to get up on her knees and start rocking back and forth. 

Since taking this photo she’s now a fully-fledged crawler, completely unstoppable and just as strong-willed as her sister. 

I’m finding the leap from sitting to crawling happened so quickly and I wasn’t really ready, she’s into everything; crawling behind the sofa in search of wires, under the dining table in search of Amelia’s discarded shoes and essentially trying to play with everything that isn’t her toys. 

As if learning to crawl and finding you can get to anything you want isn’t enough, she’s all of a sudden hell-bent on standing; if she’s not seeking out trouble she’s sitting at my feet reaching for a hand to pull herself up onto her feet. 

You can’t put your hand out to her without her trying to get up and often if you try to sit her down, her legs go ramrod straight and she’s standing no matter what you do. 

It’s great for her because she’s flying through her milestones but I’m not ready. With Amelia, we had a playpen in our lounge and she would play happily in there, safely contained but I feel that’s not really an option with Taya. She wants to be wherever Amelia is and mostly doing whatever Amelia is doing so there’s no chance she’ll be happy sitting in a pen whilst her big sister has free rein of the house. 

It does mean I get almost nothing done whilst she’s awake, having to constantly check on her to see what she’s doing or where she’s gone, or hearing Amelia shout Taya, not my toys or Taya, don’t eat that…

Her new found mobility has also meant she’s been getting more involved when we go out; not content to sit in the pram and observe anymore she wants to be in on the action and she’s enjoyed the swings and sandpit (back when it was sunny) and a few soft play centres since the rain arrived. 

She’s also had her first two teeth this month, after weeks of pink cheeks and constant dribble she finally popped a little tooth and then a week later the one next to it appeared. She now has two at the bottom front and they’re so cute. 

It’s not eased up the discomfort for her and she still cries a lot and is constantly snotty so I wouldn’t be surprised if more teeth don’t appear in the near future. 

Another big change for her this month has been that we’ve had to lower her cot, she was trying to pull herself up on the bars and I was so scared she would flip herself over the top one day. 

She’s now at the same eye level as Amelia’s bed which is lovely for them because they can see each other and have a little chat when they wake up in the morning. 

Amelia is getting used to the fact that Taya can and will be all over her and her toys now that she’s moving; she will bring toys to her to play with but she’s also not averse to taking them away if she doesn’t want Taya to have them so we’re working on doing that kindly and also on understanding that Taya is allowed to play with some of the toys but that some of them are dangerous and it’s okay to take these toys away. 

I think secretly, Amelia is really looking forward to being able to play properly with Taya, when she can do more than just put everything in her mouth. At the play cafe earlier this week Amelia said to me “Mummy put Taya on the bed, I will be the doctor and she will be my patient”. Taya obliged, she had her temperature checked and received an injection before being given the all-clear by Dr Amelia.


I think that’s everything from this month, I say like that isn’t not a lot. It’s been a collosal learning month for Taya so I’m hoping the coming few weeks we can just take a step back and enjoy this phase before she dives headfirst into the next. 

Also, you might spot her wearing more bows in her hair from now on. Twice this month someone has asked Amelia if she has a little brother despite her wearing a pink floral dress and tights on both occassions. 

Sorry kid, guess you look like a boy?

Rachel xx 

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