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Taya Louise // 11 Months Update

January 4, 2020

Christmas is only just over with but I’m already thinking about Taya’s first birthday in a month. A month! Can you even believe she’s almost a year old. 

Taya’s last month has been all about Christmas, her first and although she had no real idea what was happening I think she enjoyed it. 

She was very interested in the Christmas tree and decorations but had no interest at all in the presents allowing Amelia to open them all for her. 


I think she may have found the whole thing a bit overwhelming and will probably be pleased when the house and our routines are back to normal. 

We’ve been trying to encourage her to find her feet over the last few weeks, she’s now at a stage where if you hold her hands she will take a few steps and we’ve brought Amelias toy pram in from the garage to try and encourage her to push it and walk along. 

She’s been able to pull herself up on it but as soon as it starts to move she let’s go and sits down so we’re not quit ready yet but the girls have had great fun with it, Amelia loves pushing Taya around in it. 

She’s also starting to climb, it started with her attempt to get to the Christmas tree by climbing on the small chair I had put in place to block her access but now she’s trying to climb on Amelia’s small stools to reach the table which I’m sure she would climb up to reach the cupboard if I gave her the chance. 

She’s still eating really well and will try everything you give her although she’s not finished all of her dinners lately. Since having a really horrible cold a few weeks ago she’s not eaten all of her evening dinners but she eats well throughout the day so I’m not too worried. 

The girls have been playing more and more together over the last few weeks, it’s really hard to find things they can do together as Taya is currently in the habit of just smashing things and making a mess and Amelia gets frustrated when her games get knocked over but they have been doing that really cute sibling cuddle/wrestling where I have to keep reminding them both to be gentle. 

Taya has also been getting a lot more involved when we play outside; she’s been enjoying the soft play at the local shopping centre and she’s been using the swings, slide and even followed her sister into tunnel at the park the other day. Fearless this one. 

I finally got around to booking Taya’s 10 month assessment but it’s not for another week yet so, still no idea how much she weighs, how tall she is or if she’s on track for her age. Fingers crossed for the appointment, I always find things like that so stressful, like it’s some sort of judgement on my parenting even though I know that’s not the case. 

To finish off her month she started saying Mama yesterday and I’m so thrilled. It’s more of a Ma Ma Ma Ma at the moment but I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s a proper word. Both girls have said Dada first (which is soooo annoying) but I’m so happy she’s finally starting to say Mama as well. 

Have a great month, I’ll just be her wondering how the hell my tiny 7lb 13oz baby is almost a year old. 

Rachel xx 

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