Stella & Dot Top Picks // Earrings, Watches, Scarves

September 1, 2016

We’re back with another look at some more of my must have items for the Stella & Dot collection, so without further ado…enjoy!

Earrings // Statement

Stone Tile Chandelier £50

stone tile long           stone tile med                stone tile stud

If there’s one thing Stella & Dot are best at its versatility. These earrings can be worn three ways; full length, medium length or studs. Making them perfect for day time, date time or party time. You’re getting three looks in one which make the price very agreeable.

Arabesque Chandeliers in Gold £35


A little more on the neutral side these link chandeliers are hands brushed to give them an authentic feel. Lighter than some of the other statement earrings these are classes as ‘featherweight’ meaning they won’t pull on your lobes. They’re also available in silver.

Earrings // Delicate & Studs

Deja Vu Stone in Turquoise £32

                                               deja vu blue        deja vu gold

Here comes that versatility again, these studs can be worn forwards to show the turquoise triangle stone or backwards to reveal the golden stud. If turquoise isn’t your thing, this style is also available in various shapes and colours such as marble, coral, pearl, silver and gold. It’s almost impossible not to find something to suit you in this range.

Pave Ear Jacket in silver £40

pave ear jacket

Ear jackets are a relativity new trend, how long they will stick around for I’m not sure but they’re certainly big at the moment. An ear jacket has a stud at the top that would sit on your earlobe (like a regular stud earring) the bar below the stud sits behind your earlobe so that the detail (in this case, the triangles) are visible below your lobe. This style is available in gold and rose gold.


Pyramid Tank Double Wrap £105

double strap watch

Watches are new to Stella & Dot but they have excelled as always, this simple leather double strap gives a touch of arm party to wearing a watch. The strap can also be changed for other colours and designs so you can have multiple looks to suit your outfit.

If a double strap isn’t you, there are also classic single strap leather watches too.


Destination Scarf in Indigo/Red Jacquard £55

                                                  destination scarf

I LOVE a good scarf, literally can’t get enough of them. I wear them all year round in various thickness depending on the weather. It might be 30 degrees out but I will have one in my bag to use as a sun protector on my arms, a blanket to sit on at the park or a cover up if I’m out in to the evening when the sun goes down. This one is utterly gorgeous, the colours are perfect for autumn and it’s noted as ‘medium’ weight which means it’s a little heavier than a summer scarf so perfect for when the nights get a little cooler.

Westwood Tassel Scarf in Winter White £45

                                                  westwood scarf

Probably not best to use this one as a blanket given its soft white colour but it is a ‘lightweight’ number meaning it’s just the right weight for spring and summer. Why not tie it around your waist for a cute swimwear cover-up too.

That completes my second top picks post, I do hope you liked it. There’s one more in store…check back soon.

If you would like to see more of the Stella & Collection please click here. Let me know in the comments below which your favorite piece is…

Rachel xx

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