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October 4, 2017

Oh September, the promise of autumn leaves, knitted jumpers and hot cocoa and so far you have not disappointed; it’s been bloody chilly and the weather’s been down right miserable.

One thing I’ve noticed is just how dark it is in the morning (I’m up at 6am during the week) and it’s still pitch black, that makes it hard to get up but I swear only a couple of weeks ago the sun was still shining calling me to seize the day.

Anyhoo, my longing for warm summer days will have to wait till next year now I think so I’ll just crack on with my favourites from the month of September:

Marks and Spencer grey knitted cardigan

Oh my days I love this cardi, in fact I love it so much I went back and bought it in navy. Mainly because I think my colleagues thought I didn’t have any other clothes. It’s the perfect length, perfect thickness, perfect shade. It’s just perfect, fact!

If you want for yourself, you can buy it online here.

Parenting the sh*t out of life – book by Anna Whitehouse and Matt Farquharson (AKA @mother_pukka and @papa_pukka)

This is hands down one of the best books I’ve read, maybe ever. I loved every single page. It was funny, honest, relatable and made me go “cool, all this bat shit crazy stuff happens to other parents too”. I don’t want to give any of the book away so all I will say is if you want a laugh, need to feel normal or maybe you’re curious about what you’re in for when you decide to start a family you need to read this book.

Amelia taking her first steps with her walker

I can’t even tell you how long we have waited for this moment, we’ve been introducing her to her walker for ages but she’s never paid it any attention other than just giving up and sitting down whenever we tried to get her to stand with it.

This was fine, she just wasn’t ready. A couple of weekends ago though we decided to try again and off she went. One tiny unsteady foot in front of the other and Kev and I just squealed and clapped and hugged her. We might have scared her a little with all our excitement but it didn’t put her off. She walked that thing round and round the living room and up and down the hallway until she was so tired she had to take a nap.

It was definitely one of the most proudest parenting moments to date and I’m so glad we were both home together to see it.

P.S. We added cushions to the walker to stop it from tipping up.

I’ve been asked a few times where her walker is from, it’s by a company called Boppi and we bought it from Amazon, here’s the link.

Annika Bella Initial Disc Necklace

For ages and ages I had been wanting a disc necklace with an A on it for Amelia, I’ve looked at so many online I couldn’t even remember which I liked and which I didn’t. For one reason or another, mainly price and being a bit unsure of buying someone online I hadn’t seen I never got around to getting one.

Then I saw a lady on Instagram, it was @mother_pukka actually and she has a Pacman necklace. I didn’t want a Pacman necklace myself but what I loved about it was that the chain was attached to either side of the disc, meaning that it didn’t swing and the chain wouldn’t spin around to the front (total pet peeve). Suddenly I knew what I wanted in my disc necklace and I started looking again.

I found Annika Bella on Etsy, I could choose the length of chain, the letter to be engraved and the font I wanted it in (I chose Script because it’s all curly and pretty looking). Even though Annika Bella is based in Israel the necklace arrived within two weeks and I haven’t taken it off since. I even sleep and shower in it, not recommended I know but I’m a rebel.

I love it, it’s actually what I wanted when I didn’t really know what I wanted. If you’d like to check out the Annika Bella collection on Etsy, you can see it here.

Losing my first stone

This is a major achievement and the only other time I have been able to claim this accolade was in the run up to my wedding when I was going to the gym twice a day. I have always struggled with my weight and since having Amelia (as you will know) I’ve not been able to get the baby weight off until I started calorie counting. I’ve done other posts about this so I won’t get into it now but this month I achieved my first stone loss and I am only a few pounds away from being back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am so happy and motivated it’s probably driving you all a bit nuts but my weight is one battle I’ve never won and I’m going to give it my best shot this time, for my health and for my family.

The photo below is a comparison between my weight when I started and my weight loss as of last week. 

So that’s all my favourite things from the month of September. Next month is going to be a very special month, I have 4 birthdays to look forward to; my besties 30th, hubby turning 36, baby girl turning 1 and mum’s 61st. So much to celebrate!

There’s been a lot of product linking in this post and I’d just like to say that none of this is sponsored in any way. I have purchased all of the items and am simply telling you about them because I love them #notanad.

Rachel xx

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