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Second Pregnancy // 38 Week Update

January 29, 2019

As with my first pregnancy, I won’t make it to 40 weeks and I can officially say that our baby will be here next week, unless she has other ideas and comes sooner.

We’re all booked in for our planned section but I’m a little paranoid about it not going ahead due to emergencies at the hospital or something like that so I’ve decided not to share the exact date until we’re there and we know it’s definitely happening. Hope you understand my decision for that but I can promise you it’ll be next week…

I’ve shared quite a lot over on my instagram account over the last few weeks but it’s not been a smooth end to this pregnancy at all so I thought I would lay it all down for anyone who’s wondering what’s been going on.

I popped into the hospital in mid-December because baby girl was being a bit quiet and I just needed some reassurance that she was all ok in there; the CTG scan went well but the midwives suggested an ultrasound just to be safe.

The scan showed us that baby has a cyst in her tummy, I wasn’t expecting this at all and was completely taken aback with panic when the doctors were unable to tell us where the cyst was or even how serious it was at that point.

Since then we’ve been seen by fetal medicine specialists and surgeons from two different hospitals; their current theory is that it is an ovarian cyst that is being caused by my hormones and it should disappear on it’s own once she’s born and will just need to be monitored with scans to make sure it is getting smaller.

This is the most likely scenario so that’s what I’m focusing on; there are other possibilities that are a little more serious and will involve surgery but until she’s born and we know for sure, I’m choosing not to think about that because it freaks me out and there’s nothing I can do about it.

We were recommended to have another scan just before she is born to make sure that the cyst hasn’t grown or changed in anyway and we had that appointment yesterday. The sonographer was happy; nothing seems to have changed and there is a chance that the cyst has actually shrunk a little but it’s hard to tell on the scans. It’s all positive news though and nothing more for us to worry about now until she’s here.

We’ve been warned that she has long legs, off the scale long so that could be interesting. I’m praying she will fit in all her gorgeous baby grows and I’ll be cutting the feet off them if she’s too long. Curse these tall genes.

So that’s what’s been going on with baby, it’s been stressful and emotional but I’m choosing to listen to the doctors when they tell us not to worry because there’s nothing I can do to change it at this point and we will deal with it when she is born.

As for me; I am really feeling the effects of late pregnancy. I’m heavy, aching, my back hurts when I walk around too much and I can’t sleep for more than 2 hours straight without needing to pee or turn over. Which by the way is like conducting a 6 point turn. Maybe my body is just getting ready for the constant wake ups I’m going to have soon but I would really like to have more sleep whilst I can please…

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve finished work which was a huge relief as I was really starting to struggle with the effort of the commute and the work/family balance with a very busy toddler at home and no time to rest. I feel so much better now that I’ve finished work and am able to relax a little more at home without rushing around all the time.

My wonderful friends had a lunch for me to celebrate baby’s soon arrival too. I decided I didn’t want another baby shower; it just seemed too much faff with a toddler around so we all went out for food and a catch up and they bought balloons and a cake so I was very happy.

I’ve been using the time at home to get the house ready; we did the nursery over the Christmas holidays and I’ve just one more basket of 0-3 month clothes to be washed and folded away and then all the washing is done (I hope). Our bedroom is arranged ready to bring her home and better late than never I finally got around to packing my hospital bags.

I told myself I wasn’t going to buy loads of clothes for baby because I had all of Amelia’s old stuff but you know how to go in shops and the baby clothes are there and they’re cute and tiny and… yeah so I bought new stuff for her and have packed some of my favourites in my bag for her to wear when she meets her big sister for the first time and when her Nana and Grandad come to visit.

I’m so excited for this pregnancy to be over, I feel a little sad about that because I loved it so much the first time around but it’s been different this time. It’s been harder, in every single way and I’m just so ready to have her here with us, to introduce Amelia to her sister and see how she reacts.

I want those newborn cuddles and the rush of holding your new baby and learning everything all over again, I know I will feel differently when the reality of it sets in and I’m in pain and tired and can’t explain to my toddler why there is another little person taking up all my time but in my head; I just can’t wait for her to be here now.

Rachel xx

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