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Second Pregnancy // 32 Week Update

December 18, 2018

32 weeks, it’s sure come around fast! I think I say that about every week but this pregnancy just seems to be going so much quicker than the last one. Maybe because I don’t have a moments peace when Amelia is around so I sort of forget about being more and more pregnant. It might also be because Christmas is just around the corner and that’s making the time fly even faster.

I can’t believe that after Christmas I will only have 2.5 weeks left at work before my maternity leave starts, it doesn’t feel that long ago that I was trying so hard to hide my belly from my colleagues whilst we waited for our 12 week scan.

So how’s it all been going since my last update? pretty well on the whole but I am definitely finding it much harder now that I’m in the third trimester. I’m tired, achy, and I feel enormous.

Anything that falls on the floor is dead to me now, I just can’t deal with bending down to pick it up but Amelia loves to help and she’s be more than happy to pick things up for me and help me load and unload the washing machine. It sounds like the most boring thing in the world but when she sees me carrying the laundry basket she shouts “I help you mummy” so I let her crack on with it. It takes about 20 mins to do because she wants to name every item; daddy’s sock, my trouser, mummy’s top but she gets there in the end.

A couple of weeks ago I saw my midwife and she told me I needed to do the gestational diabetes test; I was gutted! Its the one thing I’ve always wanted to avoid due to the double blood test required to complete it. As you know from any of my previous updates, blood tests are a nightmare for me. I get stressed out to the max and the nurses can never find a vein. I end up bruised and upset and in the end we have to call for a doctor or a specialist to come and help. It’s the same story every time and I hate it.

So when she told me the criteria for the test had changed in the last couple of weeks and where before I was out of the scope for testing, I was now in it and it would be advisable to have it done. I reluctantly agreed because it’s for the good of the baby but I didn’t sleep well for a few days before it and on the day it was just as bad as I expected it to be.

The nurses couldn’t take a blood sample and it took an hour and half just to get the first blood test so that we could start the whole process. In the end we needed two specialists, one for each test and in total we were at the hospital for almost 4 hours. The only good news is that my results were clear so there’s nothing to worry about and baby is all fine.

I’ve also made my decision about my birth plan; I’m going for a planned c-section because that way I can avoid the risk of another emergency situation which is all I want. I will do anything not to have another emergency so I’m taking more control of the situation and getting booked in for a section.

Today we had a consultation with a specialist to talk about it, I thought we would be getting booked in and find out our dates today but that’s not how it works apparently. I was a bit disappointed I won’t lie. Apparently there are midwives at the hospital who book in the dates and they will write to me to confirm my day, I might find out before Christmas but it’s more likely to be in the New Year which now just feels like a really long wait but I know it won’t be really as the days over Christmas will fly by.

Not much else to report on at the moment, kicks are still strong and keeping me awake at night now which is tiring but I love feeling her kicking so I don’t mind really. Feet and ankles get swollen by the end of the day at work but I’ve found some super comfy extra wide boots that I’m loving and they don’t hurt my feet by the end of the day so that’s a win and I’m finally starting to think about how we’re going to fit two children into one room when the time comes for them to share.

Still feels like I have so much to sort out before February but I’m sure once Christmas is done I’ll be able to get focused and organise the house ready for our new arrival.

That’s all from me; hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Rachel xx

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