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Second Pregnancy // 12 Week Update

August 6, 2018


Thank you so so much for such a wonderful response to our news that we’re expecting our second baby. I’ve been blown away by the messages of love and congratulations so thank you to everyone who took the time to message us over the last few days.

As you would expect we’re absolutely thrilled and I was somewhat prepared for how the first 12 weeks would make me feel, I mean it wasn’t that long ago that I did it for the first time.

I was so wrong, the first trimester with a toddler and heatwave is a whole different game and it’s not a fun one. I expected to be tired; but not at every single moment of the day. First time around I had been in bed by 7pm every night but that’s just not an option when you a dinner, bath and bed routine to follow so I’ve had to just wedge my eyelids open with sticks and plough on.

I’ve also had a lot of nausea this time around which I didn’t have at all last time, I know some might be thinking that means it could be a boy, and I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out but all I know is I have felt rough. I’ve not actually been sick which I’m grateful for but I’ve felt it, at all hours of the day and it’s meant I’ve not really eaten proper food for weeks now.

My diet has been beige in colour since about 6 weeks, there’s nothing I fancy, everything I come up with makes my stomach turn and all I really want is buttery crumpets and Asdas chocolate chip muffins. I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate chip muffins…

The physical changes have been rapid this time too; how no one sussed out my secret before now is beyond me unless they thought I was getting super fat and just didn’t want to say anything. My bump at 12 weeks could easily resemble someone coming up to full term, it’s just massive and when the sonographer confirmed that baby was approx 5cm in size at our appointment I had to concede that maybe my bump was mostly crumpets and muffins and less baby. My midwife has assured me though that it’s normal for your bump to pop out a lot sooner than the first time and since I was wearing maternity jeans by 9 weeks last time I wasn’t overly surprised to me packing away my post-baby wardrobe by week 6.

I’m hoping that I’m going to perk up in the next couple of weeks as I move into the second trimester; at the moment I’m still super tired, naggy and don’t want to eat anything other than the thing I’ve decided I must eat right now but I know it will all improve and I’m just waiting for that superwoman ‘I can do anything’ feeling to take over and then I’ll feel much better.

Thanks for following along with my journey, I promise to keep you update as the weeks go by.

Rachel xx

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