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Scuttle Bug Trike Review

May 11, 2018

This little guy was a complete accidental find, we just popped to Aldi during their baby event for nappies and they had the Scuttle Bug on offer for £19.99. We 100% sure if Amelia was going to use it as she’s still young and never used anything like this before but for the price we thought we would give it a go and we had all summer for her to play with it.

She took to it straight away and we used it for the first time at the beach; at first she would just sit on it and let you push her along preferring to conserve her energy rather than use her own legs and more recently she’s decided she doesn’t want to ride it at all and would rather walk along with it.

The Scuttle Bug is more than just a toddler bike too, it’s the perfect spot to sit and watch cartoons and even dolly gets to ride on it, when she can balance and not fall on the floor.

Things I like about it:

The handle height is adjustable so you can use up to age 3 as your child gets older

The designs are really cute and colourful; we chose the pink butterfly design but in hindsight we probably should have gone for someone more neutral like the yellow so we can keep it for future children but never mind.

It folds up to easy storage and carrying when you go out and about.

It’s really stable; Amelia has fallen off it once at home but only because she was trying to get off it by herself and she hasn’t quite got the hang of it. She’s never fallen off it while actually riding it (yet)

The wheels are great on curbs and cracks; so far no accidents on our uneven and knackered pathways.

Things I don’t like about it:

Ours doesn’t fold; well the front wheel folds down but the back ones don’t even though they were folded when we took it out of the box they now won’t fold down again. Unless I’m an idiot and can’t follow the very simple instructions.

A little brake would be a nice touch, not necessarily expecting the child to use the brake to slow down the bike but more for the parent to put the brake on so the child can get on and off the bike without it rolling and throwing them off balance.

I’m super impressed with this little bike, it’s perfect for Amelia at this age and she loves to use it indoors and much as she does outside. Anything to encourage her to be active and play outdoors is good in my eyes and I can’t wait for her to actually ride it properly without wanting us to push her; my back can’t take much more of that.

Rachel xx  

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