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Pregnancy Update // 32 Weeks

August 25, 2016

How can it even have been a month since the last update and since we saw our baby on the 4D scans. I wonder how much she has changed and grown since then…

Week – We are now 32 weeks along and with only 8 weeks till my due date, I can’t believe we are in single figures on the weekly countdown now.

Babies Growth – I don’t even have to give you an internet based guesstimate this time as we saw the midwife yesterday and she believes baby is somewhere between 2-3lbs which is exactly where she should be at this stage and means she is on track to be a ‘normal’ healthy weight of between 7-9lbs by the time we are full term.

She is much more active these days and kicks more or less all the time, sometimes when I’m lying down her kicks are so hard I can feel my whole tummy shake. Some of her more powerful kicks are visible now and you can see my tummy move which hasn’t been happening before due to the position of the placenta.

Kev also felt her kicking properly for the first time, he had felt her before but it was so faint that it didn’t really count. This time is was definite and as she gets even bigger I’m hoping he will feel and see her moving more.

Weight Changes – Ergh! I had this section, who’s bright idea was it include this category? Oh yeah mine! I’ve now gained a total of 29lbs of the course of the pregnancy. Just taking a look back at my last update, I’ve gained 5lbs in 4 weeks which I’m actually really pleased about. It’s suggested that you will gain approx 1lb every week in the third trimester so I’m more or less on track.

Symptoms – Starting to sound like a broken record now aren’t I but these swollen feet are ruining me. It’s probably not helped that it’s been hotter than the desert this week (slight exaggeration but that’s how it’s felt) and everything from the knees down looks like squishy little sausages. My hands are getting more and more swollen too and even had to resort to leaving my wedding ring at home. I’m still able to wear my engagement ring at the moment which I’m happy about as I would hate not to be able to wear either of them.

The heat has been a bit of a killer this week too, it’s made me constantly sticky and as slow as a tortoise wading through treacle. Everything is such an effort but I’m hopeful that as with all British heatwaves; it won’t last much longer.

Around the 29 week mark I managed to pull my back out somehow, the pain was incredible every-time I leaned forward and took a step at slightly the wrong angle. I definitely didn’t want to have to deal with that for the next 10 weeks so I forked out for a pair of Birkenstock sandals. I’d read online that they were great for supporting your feet and lower back and helping to correct poor posture when walking.

A little pricey but having worn them every day for 2 weeks, my back no longer hurts when I walk or lean forward – result! Plus now they’ve molded to my feet they are THE more comfortable shoes in the whole entire world.

I’ve also started to noticed Braxton Hicks, they’re not painful just a different sensation to kicks. Sometimes I’m just minding my own business and my whole tummy will contract and got rock hard; it’s the weirdest sensation.

Other than that I’m all tickety-boo and plodding along nicely.

Midwife check up – We saw our midwife yesterday for a routine check up. My blood tests from last time were all clear so no iron deficiency which is good news. My blood pressure and wee sample were all normal and baby’s heartbeat was super strong.

She measured my bump and said everything is fine and she also confirmed that the Braxton Hicks I’ve started having are a really good sign as it means my body is starting to prepare for labour. No hurry though little one, just stay put a few more weeks.

After all the touching and measuring of my bump, baby even gave the heart monitoring device a little kick, just telling us to leave her alone I think.

I have had my eye on Sophie La Giraffe for months, I don’t really understand what it is about her that makes her so popular or successful as a teething and sensory toy, all I know is babies adore her. Everyone I have spoken to can’t get enough for her so since she was Price Match at John Lewis this week, I grabbed her. I definitely didn’t realise she squeaks, that’s not going to get annoying at all…

That’s all the updates I have for you this time, hoping to get another in before baby girl arrives as we have one more midwife appointment before the due date. Apparently we’re talking birth plans next time…

Rachel xx

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