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Pregnancy Update // 24 weeks

July 2, 2016

Whoa! We are 6 months through this incredible journey already. Where have those 6 months gone? There are only 4 weeks to go until we hit the third trimester and things are getting really exciting now. Here’s a little update on whats happened so far…
Week – 24 weeks on Thursday 30th June, officially hitting the 6 month mark and also the time when doctors would offer to intervene and help if something were to go wrong. Not that I have any reason to suspect a problem but it is comforting to know help is available if needed.
Babies growth – at 24 weeks little lady is the size of a cantaloupe (I think this is a type of melon?) she’s approx 1.3lbs in weight now and will be growing everyday. Still quite small she has plenty of room to move around but she’ll start getting cramped in a few weeks.

Weigh changes – Okay, so when I did my 20 weeks update I had gained 11lbs since finding out I was expecting, I am not sitting at 17lbs gained since we took the test. I’m being strict and making sure I complete my weekly weigh in even if the results are not what I want to see. I just need to have a record, keep myself accountable and have goals for once she arrives. I can honestly say my Slimming World train derailed a few weeks ago. My dinners are more or less on plan but snacks are a killer. As long as it doesn’t get out of hand, I’m just taking it one weigh in at a time.

Symptoms – I’ve finally been to see the physio about my back, she gave me some exercise to do and showed me how to support my back and legs with pillows at night. So far it’s helping, my back has been feeling a little better at work and I’ve been able to sleep on my left side. The swollen feet are well and truly here, I’ve even bought new sandals with buckles on the straps so I can open them up during the day – little fat piggy feet is what I’m rocking right now and I’m sure it will continue for the next few months.

Movement – Finally! We have movement, my midwife warned me it would take longer to feel her kicking but finally around 22/23 weeks I really started to notice it and now she’s going for a kick boxing gold medal I think. I was even able to feel the kicks against my hand last week although typically by the time I got Kev to show him she had stopped.

She did give us a little scare the other day, I just didn’t feel much  movement when I was at work and normally I can feel her when I’m sat at my desk. I followed all the advice online for trying to get a reaction out of her but there was little response. By the following morning I was panicking and we went to the doctors. I was booked in for my whooping cough vaccine anyway and the lovely nurse fetched the duty doctor and a small hand held heart beat machine and they confirmed everything was fine. They gave her a nudge with the machine and the kicking started up again. She’s been making up for it since then, maybe she feels bad for scaring us?

Vaccine – I’ve now had my whooping cough vaccine that is recommended from 20 weeks on wards, it’s not a nice one I’ll tell you. As it has other vaccines included like Polio and Tetanus so it leaves you with a dead and aching arm and the day after I felt so lethargic but it’s a must-have so suck it up I shall.

P.S – I am loving the bunting I’ve purchased for the nursery, I was inspired by a photo I saw on Instagram from another mummy-to-be who has the blue version. I’m planning to decorate the cot-bed with it and the teddy bear is very special to me. It’s a bear my late Grandma had in her home, it sat on a shelf by her chair for years and after she passed away I asked if I could have it. Great-Grandma is watching over you little one (I’d better stop there, my eyes are filling up)

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you posted.

Rachel xx

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