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How I Discovered My Love For Crystals

February 12, 2022

You only have to have taken a glance at my business and instagram account (@atilayasorelle) to know that I am a massive supporter of the healing energy crystals can bring us.  I first became aware of this power to heal back in 2017; I was struggling hugely with postpartum anxiety and whilst my doctor wanted to consider medication, I wanted an alternative option.  Lots of googling and reading…


Christmas 2021

January 15, 2022

I have seriously let the ball drop when it comes to my blog and I’ve realised I never even wrote my traditional Christmas post after Christmas 2020. What was there to say last year anyway, it was awful wasn’t it.  Our Christmas in 2020 started mid November when we put the tree up because what else was there to do? The kids enjoyed the magic of it but…

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