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Our Last Day As A Family Of Three

February 3, 2019


I know I’ve said I wasn’t going to say when our section is booked for but this post might give it away a little. Today is the last day we will be a family of three and I really wanted to do something special with Amelia to celebrate.

One of the reasons I was so upset on the day we were told our section was being moved is that I had a day out planned for us. My husband was going to take a day off work and we were going to go out for the day together and that wasn’t an option anymore.

We decided we would still do something special though, even though there were still a hundred things to do at home to get ready.

The weather down here hasn’t been too bad, we had a little spattering of snow on Friday morning but it’s more or less all gone now so we decided to go to the local woods and feed some ducks and visit the play park.

When we got to the woods though there was still quite a bit of ice on the grass and most of the ground in the woods was still hard and frozen, Amelia loved it though she kept saying that the ground was crunchy and wanted to pick up pieces of ice and throw it.

We found the ducks and although most of their pond was frozen over there was a section near the embankment that was accessible and they all came over for some bread. Amelia spent the whole time shouting “hello ducks, come and get food”

We did a little exploring around the woods too; which definitely had nothing to do with me taking a wrong turn and not being able to find the ducks.

Before we left the ducks we tried to take one more family selfie; easier said than done with a toddler who just wants to throw an entire loaf of bread in the water but I’m really happy with it and we had such a lovely trip to the woods.

After we’d finished with the ducks we went to the park down the road to play on the swings and slide; it might be a while before I’m able to take her to the park again so this was a lovely way to finish off the morning.

I’m so so pleased we made the effort to go out today; yes there was a list as long as my arm of things to do at home but it was totally the right thing to do to get out of the house and make some special moments with Amelia before her sister arrives.

I also managed to talk them into some cute photos at home too; just so I can treasure these moments in the future.

I’ve seen so many pregnant women with this photo of their other child sat on their bump, it’s a total cliche I know but I’ve wanted to create this photo for my whole pregnancy and it was today or never and I’m so glad we did because I love it. Both my girls together before they’re officially together…tomorrow!

Rachel xx

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