My Wardrobe Starts With An M

July 16, 2017

Never ever did I imagine that I would be going back to work wearing the same maternity tops that I left in. This just wasn’t on my agenda, in fact I was so naïve about post partum weight loss that I didn’t think I would still be wearing them after only a few weeks post birth.

Alas, here we are, 9 months later and I’m still rocking my maternity wear.

I don’t wear the trousers or leggings anymore but only because the belly space was getting ridiculous otherwise I would totally still be wearing them, erm hello elasticated everything. It’s just the tops and blouses that I still rely on. I have put all those slogan tees aside mind, can’t very well be walking around with a top saying I love my bump when my ‘bump’ is just a food baby but all my other tops are still very much in use.

They’ll be going back to the office with me too and it’s for the simple reason that they fit me better than anything else I have tried on in stores lately. Trust me I have been everywhere for new clothes since having Amelia but my size and shape have changed, all the stores I used to shop in either don’t do my new size or their styles and materials just don’t work for me anymore.

In this #lovemybody environment we are creating we all agree that you should buy what fits you and makes you feel great, if you don’t like the label then cut it out. No one would know. Well all of my labels say Maternity on them and if I cut them out, no one would know.

Of course I would know and I am a little annoyed with myself for not doing more during my time at home but we are where we are and I’m damn well going to wear clothes I feel good in regardless of what the label inside says. I simply feel better in them, the styles and slightly extra material and stretch mean that I have more coverage around my tummy which is my major problem area.

I suppose what I’m getting at here is that it really doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a size bigger, three sizes bigger, a few sizes smaller or if actually your maternity wear is still what fits you best. As long as you are happy, confident and feeling good about yourself then that is all that matters.

Rachel xx

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