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My Current Hair Inspiration

June 11, 2018

I have wished the weekend away this week because on Wednesday I have a hair appointment to completely change my hairstyle and colour; during my pregnancy (and for the mum-bun months afterwards) my hair grew so quickly and became really long. Probably the longest it’s been since I was a child and I thought I would love it.

I’ve always wanted my hair to be super long, it’s probably due to cutting it all off in a bob a few years ago and hating every second of it that since then I’ve always wanted it to be as long as possible but the reality is that it’s straggly, frizzy, limp and constantly gets caught under my arms or in the zips of my clothes.

Having it bleached last year hasn’t helped things either, I wanted to change up my colour and try something new, I loved it for a few months but now the bleached ends of my hair are in such terrible condition despite my effort to use special shampoo and avoid overheating it.

Deciding to book in for a cut and colour has made me so happy and of course, the first thing I did was open Pinterest and start looking for colours and styles to speak to my stylist about and I thought I would share my current inspiration that I will be taking to my appointment on Wednesday.

Before I share those photos, let me show you my current hair; this photo was taken at the beginning of May at a friends wedding, it was the last time I actually liked my hair and that’s just because it went well and I got lucky that day. Normally you find it in a bun to hide those bleached ends.

My hair stylist told me the colour design I have at the moment is called a balayage; darker at the top and getting lighter towards the ends. It was so beautiful when it was first done but I just hate it now and that’s mostly to do with the condition it’s left my hair in so a complete change is in order.

Maybe you can’t tell so much from the photo but it’s been ages since I had this done so the colour at my roots is my natural colour and I want to bring some more of this back in.

My current colour inspiration is:

I’m in love with this, although the models’ base colour here is light brown I would like mine to be more my natural red with the soft honey and blonde highlights. Her cut is so lovely too but there was another style that caught my eye and I’ve become a bit obsessed with it.

I love everything about this from the length to the choppy layers. It’s shorter than my current hair but not too short. I’m not brave enough to have a major chop and I know that I hate my hair shorter than my shoulders having made that mistake before.

I want to still be able to tie my hair back as it’s just practical especially with Amelia so I will be asking my stylist if that is possible with a style like this although to my untrained eye it looks like it would be.

There are other styles that have caught my eye too and it’s good to have options to talk to them about so some of the other photos I’m taking with me are:

As you can see, I’m looking to take quite a bit of length off but I’m not going crazy short because I know I will hate it. I need to lose some of the weight in my hair because although it’s fine there is a lot of it and it can get very big and bushy which I hate. I want something with layers to give lots of movement but also something I can tie back in a nice ponytail and not look like a horse’s tail just hanging down my back.

So, what do you think? Do you like these ideas? Can you recommend anything else I might like?

Having written this post I’m so excited about my appointment and if you want to see it all on Wednesday then check out my Instagram @mylifeasmamma as I’ll be posting before and after pics and even some in process stuff on my Stories.

Just a small disclaimer, all of these photos were found on Pinterest and are pinned to my Hair and Beauty board if you want to take a look at them, and my other pins.

Rachel xx

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