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My 30th Birthday

March 9, 2018

Today is my 30th birthday; I don’t feel any older but it does feel like the start of a new part of my life. Saying goodbye to my 20’s, to those playful years and hello to the more serious life affirming years.

I’ve had an amazing day, spent with my family but centered around Amelia because that’s what you do when you have young children. It might be my birthday but my joy comes from watching her little face light up when she’s having fun and exploring so that’s what we spent the day doing.

This morning I was insistent that we capture the perfect family photo; I was up at the crack of dawn (literally) to shower and have everyone ready for the moment the shops opened so that I could buy some giant 30 balloons to take our photo.

Amelia was just the best, in the past family photos have been hard work and she’s never wanted to play ball but today she sat nicely and almost looked at the camera which is all you can really ask for at this age. This photo is up there as one of my favourites of us all together.

For the afternoon we decided to visit the local Sea Life Centre with a stop at the pub for lunch first, it was delicious. Amelia sat and ate her food, waving and chatting to the people on the tables around us.

The trip to the Sea Life Centre was good fun, Amelia was very unsure at first and was clinging on to me like her life depended on it. Every time we tried to put her down she cried to be carried again. I forget how daunting new places are for toddlers, it was dark and there were strange creatures swimming around so it’s understandable that she was nervous.

After a little while walking around though she got used to it and I think by the end she actually enjoyed it. I certainly did because I could see her eyes taking it all in, watching her wave and say hello to the fish as the swam past the window was just so cute.

She even managed to lure the otters out of their sleeping spot with the smell of her raisins which was a little bonus for everyone too.

I’ve had a brilliant day, been thoroughly spoilt by family and been overwhelmed by all the birthday messages and love I’ve received today so thank you to everyone who has messaged me. I’ve tried to reply to all of you but you’ve made my heart so happy today.

Here’s to turning 30!

Rachel xx


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