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June 8, 2018

The news has reported this week that May was the hottest and driest month EVER since records began and I thought, we deserved it. Anyone else? The beautiful weather was absolutely deserved after the endless winter that felt like it lasted until April.

The good weather has continued into June too and other than being too hot for the baby at night, I’m all for it to continue.

May was a lovely month but I think warm sunny weather makes everything feel better doesn’t it, or maybe the Country was just on a high after the beautiful Royal Wedding. Even if you’re into the Royals you must admit there was a good feeling around, a lot of pride to be British.

Okay, so let’s get to it, my favourite things from the sunny month of May:

FatFace stud earrings

I am all about studs, I think big earrings look great on other people but I just don’t love them on me. Maybe I’m just so used to wearing studs now that it feels weird to wear anything else. I’ve been loving these disc studs I picked up in FatFace, they’re perfect for every day and they’re only £8. I’ve worn them every day since I bought them and Amelia can’t pull them which is the most important thing.

Tech21 phone case

Two things you might have noticed about me; I’m a bit of a phone case collector and I love pink. So…I bought a new phone case, and it’s pink.

I’m loving it, it’s lightweight, protective and it looks great too. I also like that the back of it is slightly transparent so you can still see the beautiful iPhone body through it. This case is available in the normal and plus sizes too so it’s available to everyone.

Good Vibes tee from Next

I think I love this tee so much because it’s so not my usual style. I would never wear something so bright and full of different colours normally. I’m also not a huge fan and t-shirts on me as I never think they flatter my tummy but I just loved everything about this one and I’ve worn it pretty much every weekend the sun has shone.

It says good vibes on it and that is exactly what it gives me.

Essential toe ring 

I mentioned shortly after my birthday that I bought a toe ring from Accessorize; well it snapped so I bought it again and that one also snapped too. I had gotten quite attached to the idea of it though and it felt weird not wearing something after a while so I decided to invest in a better quality one and see if I had more luck.

I went to a sterling silver shop we have in Southampton called Essential and they had loads to choose from; I went for a patterned one and have been wearing it for about 3 weeks now with no issues at all. It’s either a better fit or it’s just better quality but it doesn’t move around as much and it doesn’t spin around when I’m walking which I think is how the other one broke.

Causes for celebration

This sounds really random but May was actually a brilliant month for celebrations, and I don’t just mean the Royal Wedding which was amazing by the way. I loved everything about it and it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy thinking about it but it was also my friends wedding the weekend before and we’ve also welcomed two new babies to colleagues at work this month as well.

So that’s two weddings and two babies in four weeks, pretty good going if you ask me. I’ve been lucky enough to have cuddles with one of the babies; a 6.4lb little girl who was just beautiful and made me so incredibly broody it’s untrue.

There’s something about the love of a wedding and the joy of new babies that makes me so happy.

Alright, June, you have some pretty big shoes to fill but it’s only been a week and we’re doing well so far and I’m looking forward to many more warm and sunny days spent in the garden with friends and family.

Rachel xx

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