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June 6, 2017

Sorry it’s late again guys, I actually thought I was on top of it this month. I had a few posts pre-written and had already made my list of what I wanted to include in this month’s post and then just never wrote it.

May was such a lovely month, the weather was mostly wonderful and sunny and I think good weather just makes everything seem so much better. Unfortunately June hasn’t gotten off to the same start but there’s time…

Here are May’s favourite things:

Pandora Flower Earrings

My wonderful parents bought me these earrings whilst they were on their cruise for their 40th anniversary. I love them, they’re simple, elegant and they’re flat so Amelia can’t pull them. I’ve worn them so much over the last month, they just match with everything.

I don’t know if anyone else has found this with Pandora earrings, the rod seems to be thicker than other earrings. They always feel like they’re too thick for my ears and sometimes they can be a bit painful but I’m thinking that the more I wear them the more my ears will get used to it and stretch to fit them. Love love love these earrings, definitely one of my new staple accessories.

Amelia’s Leather Moccasins (Similar here)

I did a whole post previously about how much I love these little shoes that we bought Amelia last month (read it here). She just looks too cute in little shoes, even though she’s not walking anywhere yet they just make her look so grown up. The leather is really soft and she’s been wearing them a lot recently and they still look really good.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

We had our first date night in May, my parents took Amelia for the evening and we went to the cinema to watch the new Guardians Of The Galaxy film. It was brilliant, I need a baby Groot in my life! I think we enjoyed it a bit more because it was our first night out in 7 months. The first time we had left Amelia with my parents so that we could go out and do something just the two of us. Of course I made the most of it with full on cinema snacks and then we had fish & chips too. Not the healthiest of nights out but it was brilliant. We will defo be calling on my parents to watch her again so we can spend some couple time together.

Foxwood Leather iPhone Case (similar here)

A few weeks ago my husband sent me an article online about a woman who was using the Casemate glitter case I had. The article was about how it had broken, was leaking glittery fluid everywhere and it was burning her skin when she held her phone. I immediately took it off my phone, I do not want that to happen especially as Amelia is obsessed with our phones and she is constantly grabbing at them and putting them in her mouth.

I hate having my phone unprotected though, I just know I will drop it, or Amelia will and I would be so upset if it broke or scratched (considering how expensive they are) so I started looking for a new case. This is harder than I thought, there are just many designs out there that I got a bit overwhelmed and couldn’t choose anything. In the end I decided I would go to a store and buy one, there’s just too many to look at online. I found this dusty pink leather case by Foxwood and its perfect. It looks great with the rose gold on my phone, its got a little lip at the front so that my screen won’t hit the floor if it is dropped and it’s just super cute. I’m so pleased with it, and it’s considerably thinner than the Casemate I was using so it almost feels like I have a new phone.

Accessorize Striped Backpack

This bag has changed my life. I know that sounds weird but it really has, I’ve started using it as my baby bag and I can fit so much in it. This is even more important now that Amelia is eating as I also have to carry food for her too which adds to the bulk of baby travelling.

I love this bag because not only can I chuck it on my back as I’m carrying Amelia to the car or pram and keep my hands free but it also fits perfectly in the basket of my Bugaboo which my other more traditional baby bag doesn’t do. This stops me from constantly kicking it when it’s on the pram handle but also means that I don’t have to worry about my pram tipping up if I lift Amelia out without removing the bag.

I wrote a post featuring my favourite high street backpack, check it out here. I’m also going to do a new post in the next few days about what I carry in my baby bag now that Amelia is a lot older. Keep you eyes open for that one (of you can subscribe to my newsletter for an alert once a new post is live.)

Day trip to Marwell Zoo

A couple of weeks ago I took Amelia to the zoo for the first time, we also met up with one of my favourite insta-mamas Emily and her little girl Willow who is only 2 days older than Amelia. It was great fun, so many amazing animals for the girls to see and the weather was lovely too. We did loads of walking, chatting and photo taking. If you haven’t taken your baby to the zoo yet you really should.

Check out my previous post all about the zoo here.

There we go guys, we are officially six months into 2017 and I hope you’re enjoying these monthly roundups as much as I enjoy writing them. It’s actually quite therapeutic to reflect on your month and all the great things you got up to.

Rachel xx


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