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Making My First Easter Bonnet

April 2, 2018

Easter is such a lovely holiday; it’s so nice to be able to spend time with friends and family, eat great food including copious amounts of chocolate and this year things are even more exciting now that Amelia is at nursery, they have dress ups and fun activities for every occasion so this year, for the first time ever, I’m making an Easter bonnet.

I’ve never heard of an Easter bonnet, to be honest, maybe we did them as kids at school but if we did I don’t recall and as an adult, I’ve never heard of it being a thing but from the photos I’ve seen on Facebook recently, parents take this stuff pretty seriously.

So, I thought I better get involved and give it a try, I don’t want Amelia to miss out on anything at nursery either so I’ll always try to get in involved with activities when I can.

I bought my kit all from Sainsbury’s and decided to take my non-creative skills a step further and also put up a couple of decorations in our dining space to celebrate the weekend.

It was my intention to get Amelia involved to some degree so I gave her a couple of the paper rings from the paper chain. She shook it and threw it on the floor then wandered off and left me to it, maybe she takes after me with a lack of creativity.

I wasn’t really sure what to put on the bonnet so I bought a couple of bonnet decorating kits but it was pretty simple and having seen a few others online from other parents I think I will more confident next year to make one without needing the kits.

So, keep in mind I have zero skill or creative flare…here’s my finished Easter bonnet…

I’ve gone for the less is more look and also tried to keep in mind that Amelia will most likely destroy the hat when she tries it on and I didn’t want things on it she (or another toddler at nursery) could pull off and swallow. Overall I’m actually really pleased with how it turned out, and Amelia seems to really like it too.

Her parade isn’t until tomorrow but we couldn’t wait to try the bonnet on so here are a few snaps of her wearing it ahead of the big nursery reveal…

I think she hates it, this was the only shot I managed to get of it on her head as every time I brought it near to put it on she would duck and try to push it away. Tuesday at nursery could be fun…

Rachel xx

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