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Lamaze Freddie the Firefly Review

February 7, 2017

We all know that babies love toys, they love things that help them to interact and mostly that fit in their mouths. It can be hard to find something to tick all the boxes but I really think this little fella comes close.

Amelia was bought Freddie the Firefly for Christmas and has really taken to it, she plays with it every time we sit her down in her little seat and it keeps her entertained for a good 40 minutes, which when your 3 months old is pretty good going.

This little Firefly is jam packed with features all over:

The main body –

  • 6 different colours
  • 6 different material textures
  • 6 legs that are the perfect size for little hand to grab hold of
  • 2 colourful plastic rings at the bottom for pulling and chewing

The wings –

  • All 4 wings are crinkly and brightly coloured with fun patterns
  • Each wing has a different feature; one has a squeaker, one has a mirror, one has a silicone chewy lady bird on a string and the other has smaller layers of material in different colours and textures

The back –

  • The reverse of the wings are perfect for smaller babies whose eye sight hasn’t developed enough for colour just yet, the lower wings are blank and white spots while the upper are black and white stripes.

Amelia’s favourite thing to do is to hold the string attaching the chewable lady bird and then stretch her arms up in the air, essentially making Freddie fly and he ends up in her face where she proceeds to try and eat him. I must admit I thought it would be a little overwhelming for her given there are so many bright colours and so much going on but she absolutely loves it, we’ve even started taking it out with us in the pram although this does lead to my one and only criticism – I don’t feel there is enough dangle from the connector loop at the top.

If we were to attach him to the hood of her pram he would be in her face, but when attached to the bar of her pram, her little arms can’t quite reach him. We end up having to put him lose in the pram and use a separate toy clip to keep him safe from falling out.

Overall we love Freddie the Firefly and will definitely be looking at more Lamaze toys as she gets older and wants to play with more, at the moment though, Freddie is definitely a winner.

Rachel xx


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