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July 3, 2017

June is over people, we are now officially over half way through the year and I am literally shocked at how fast this year is flying by. June has been a lovely month, it’s been warm and sunny (sometimes a little too warm and sunny) and it’s also been the last full month of my maternity leave. In just two weeks time I will be returning to work but we’ll talk about that another time (I’m far to emotional about it to talk about it now).

So, with another month under our belt I thought I would share with you my June favourites:

Swatch Watch

I’ve been thinking about this watch for months, I first tried it on on my birthday back in March but I didn’t buy it as I wanted to save my birthday money to buy new clothes when it was time to go back to work (and I’d lost loads of weight) or so I expected. Well it’s almost time to go back to work and guess what, I didn’t lose any weight so my plans for a whole new wardrobe have gone out the window. I bought a few key work wear essentials with my birthday money but had quite a bit left over. Enough that I seriously gave this watch some more thought, I went back to try it on and I still loved it.

I love the colour, all my other watches are either black or metal and I love that this one is blue, it’s such a lovely colour and very similar to aquamarine which is my birethstone so that’s a sign right? It’s also so light, I almost forget I’m wearing it, I think the range is called Skin and it really does feel like that, it’s so thin and made of super lightweight materials. It’s waterproof and can be showered and swam in which is great for those emergency baby baths so it’s getting a double thumbs up from me.

Pandora Ring of Daisies Ring

This was a total treat to myself, another birthday money purchase (can you tell it was starting to burn a whole in my wallet) and I love it, it’s simple but it actually catches the light quite nicely. Maybe it’s the design of the little dots making up the flowers but in the light it does appear to glisten even though there are no stones in it.

I’ve wanted a non traditional finger ring for ages, by this I mean a ring on a finger that isn’t traditional (so not my ring or middle finger), I’ve been trying to find one for my index finger but unfortunately I seem to have massive fingers these days and even the largest size in Pandora wouldn’t fit but I tried it on my thumb instead and I loved it. It looked better than on my index finger (not because it actually fit), it just seemed to be a really great thumb ring. So I bought it, there and then without even thinking about it. It’s so lovely to have birthday money to spend, months after your birthday has been and gone (well done to me for not losing any weight and buying pretty things instead.)

Bandelettes Thigh Bands

You might be thinking ‘what the hell is this’ well my friends it’s a game changer for me and for another other lady who has to deal with the chub rub when they wear dresses. Personally I have suffered with this for years, it’s so painful that I just don’t wear dresses without tights, ever! This is fine in winter but in summer it’s a bit daft so I just opt not to wear dresses at all.

Then I discovered Bandelettes, lace bands held in place with silicone strips. They’re a bit like the top of hold up tights just without the rest of the tights, you simply put them on your legs and they create a gentle barrier to stop your legs from rubbing and causing the painful rash. They’re super comfy, stay up all day and come in three different colour options (nude, black or white) and because you order a specific size based on your leg measurement they actually fit really well and don’t roll or slide down.

It’s totally opened up new wardrobe options for me, I’ve bought a dress (and worn it) and I’m going to be rocking these bandelettes with any and all dresses I buy in the future.

P.S. if I had legs like these I certainly wouldn’t need bandelettes.

Next Striped Maxi Dress

With the discovery of Bandelettes I’ve branched out and bought myself a new dress. I opted for a blank and white striped Maxi dress from Next. I must have tried on 20 dresses and most were too short or too tight or highlighted all the wrong areas and some didn’t pass the bandelette test (can you see them when I walk up stairs or sit down). Obviously a maxi dress isn’t going to have that problem and being self conscious about my figure at the moment I loved the length and the flattering stripes.

It also has pockets, who doesn’t love a dress with pockets. I wore it for the first time to my friend’s hen party and I felt great in it. I felt like I was dressed up whilst still being comfortable. Annoyingly it looks like it’s sold out online with delivery taking up to 3 weeks but it’s such a great dress that I’m not at all surprised.

Home Improvements

Like all home owners there’s always something you want to change about your house and for us it was our stair case. When we moved in we inherited a weird (most likely not regulation friendly) open backed stair case. We had always said we would get the stairs filled in before we had children as it’s just too dangerous. Well now that we have a child and she’s starting to move around we thought we’d better get cracking on the stairs.

Rather than pay someone to do it for us we did it ourselves, my hubby built backs for all the open stairs and together we fitted them on Friday and painted them on Saturday. You know when you start a job and it leads to more jobs… well having painted our newly installed stair backs white, we realised that our banister was not white at all (it a dirty cream) and so we had to paint that too.

Two days of hard work and we have a beautiful, filled in and safe stair case that our baby girl can learn to climb whenever she’s ready without the heart stopping fear that she might fall through the stairs.

Well there you have it, another month of favourite things. July is going to a weird month for me as I’m going back to work, maybe that will be a favourite thing next time. Or maybe not.

Rachel xx

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