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August 11, 2017

It’s that time again guys, another month has ended and July has been a really eventful month for our household. Sorry I’m so late with this post, August has struck me down with mum-flu and I’m finally feeling well enough to sit at my computer after 5 days of feeling very sorry for myself.

I’ve returned to work, Amelia has started nursery, she’s cut a top tooth and brought home all the germs (that she then gave to me, her daddy and her nana) but it’s been a good month. A month of new chapters and adventures, new places to visit and play and new people to meet.

We’ve enjoyed it even if we are all exhausted and making it to bedtime on a wave of caffeine and prayers.

We’ve had a few lovely events this month too that have made it in my favourites, so with further ado:

Our Five Year Wedding Anniversary

I cannot believe we have been married for five years this year, it doesn’t feel like five minutes ago we were planning our wedding and greeting our guests but time sure does fly when you’re having fun right! This year has by far been the most exciting with our family growing and becoming parents. We didn’t go out to celebrate this year as our new little family member wanted to go to bed at 7pm so we stayed home and watched TV together, chilling in our own little world.

Five years seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye although people tell me it’s quite an achievement these days. Well done us!


This was a totally random purchase, I have always sworn by my Bobbi Brown concealer but I’ve had to accept that it’s well and truly run out now so I went to boots to buy something else to do the job. I didn’t have a particular brand in mind and as long as it did the job of covering those under eye bags that seems to just be part of my face now I didn’t really mind where it came from.

Enter the make-up counter lady and her skills of persuasion. After she applied the concealer it looked so nice that I bought it and although it’s the teeny tiniest little tube in the world you only need the smallest amount so it should last a long time.

Joules Coral Rain Coat

I am obsessed with this coat, I actually want it to be overcast and windy and rainy every day so that I can wear it. Sorry to those hoping summer will return.

I think the reason I love it so much is because it’s a bit of a confidence booster, I love the colour as I’ve always had black coats so I feel quite vibrant in this. It also fits me and right now that is a rarity. I walked in to Joules (soaking wet from the rain with no coat because none of mine fit me) and I never expected to find a coat I liked, that actually zipped up and they had it there on the rack.

Since having Amelia I’ve found it almost impossible to just walk into a store, see something I like and it actually fit me. Not only did it fit me, it was on sale. Result! Bring on the rain!

My Bestie’s Wedding Day

Eeek I can’t believe that after years of planning and anticipation one of my best friends has married her college sweetheart. The day after our anniversary a new couple was blessed with a church service and gorgeous reception at the Gregg School. The bride was stunning, she had kept every single detail of her dress a secret (given her habit of spilling the beans this was probably a smart move) and she did not disappoint. The dress, the flowers, the venue, the food, the speeches, the choreographed first dance, it was all perfection.

We’re so happy for you, Mr & Mrs Moor – – ooh Mrs Moor now!

Cath Kidston Phone Case

Do you ever think about how trends repeat themselves, remember when we were all teenagers and putting a case on your Nokia 3310 was the “in” thing to do. Now we’re all doing it again, expect this time it’s more about not wanted to leave a scratch or spec of dust on our £700 iPhone for fear it might lose its value. That doesn’t mean we don’t want them to be pretty though, I was so chuffed when I popped into the Cath Kidston outlet store a couple of weeks ago to pick up a bag for my sister-in-law and found this gorgeous phone case in the sale, reduced from £20 to only £8. I love me a bargain so I couldn’t say no. I love the pattern and the feel of it, it’s such a lightweight case that my phone feels really thin again compared to slightly bulkier case I had on it previously. I also love that the light pink of the flower pattern is an almost exact colour match to the rose gold metal of the phone. It’s the little details that make me happy.

Attending Our First Birthday Party

Amelia had the honour of being invited to her bestie’s first birthday party in July. Her little friend Zeffie turned one! I still can’t believe she’s over a year old already but we had such a lovely time at her party. There was music, amazing party food, the most incredible looking cake, photos of baby Zeffie everywhere and loads of others babies to play with. It was such a great afternoon that I’ve been inspired to have a little party for Amelia’s first birthday too. Might be stealing some inspiration from you Zef!

That concludes my favourites for July, all in all it’s been a great month with lots of exciting things happening. I am sure August won’t be as glamourous (considering I’ve been poorly for the first week of it) but hopefully the sun is back for a little longer and summer can resume which makes everyone feel better doesn’t it.

Rachel xx

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