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January Favourites

February 3, 2018

The longest month of the year is over; hopefully you’ve all gotten over the January blues and are ready for February to fly by and it’ll be March before you know it.

With the end of another month it’s time to look at my favourites from January;

Hydratem8 bottle

Some of you will remember I had one of these bottles about 2 years ago but I really struggled to keep it clean and the straw became really gross and it tasted funny so I binned it off. Well, the lovely peeps at Hydratem8 have given the bottle a bit of a redesign and I’m rediscovering my love for it all over again.

This version comes with a straw brush and that changes everything; now you can clear it properly and prevent that nasty taste inside the straw. It’s also got a stronger tip and an angled straw so you can get to the last of your water without having to abandon the last sips because the straw didn’t reach.

I’m already drinking 3x as much water so that’s a serious win!

White Stuff leather bag

This was a gift I bought with vouchers I had at Christmas. I would never have bought a new leather bag normally but it was in the sale and I loved it as soon as I saw it.

Since having Amelia I’ve been all about the cross body bag; throw it on, cram it full and keep my hands and arms free for baby carrying and pram pushing. This bag can hold all my day to day things and means I don’t have to swap bags from work to weekend which is just perfect.

The colour is super cute too.

Essential Oils

This is a completely new one for me, I’ve never ever tried essential oils before and to be honest I wasn’t sure they worked. I’ve seen them coming up on my Insta feed more and more and decided to look into them to help with my stress and anxiety.

After speaking to the loveliest lady on Insta, her name is Gemma (@_gemmawatts) she knows a lot about essentials oils and their uses. She was kind enough to send me two roller bottles just after Christmas; one with frankincense and the other was a blend to help with anxiety.

I loved them, straight from the start the smells were incredible and I started to use them on my wrist each morning to help keep me calm at work.

Since then, Gemma has made me a suede diffuser bracelet and also sent me another bottle of tangerine. Oh my days, the scent of the tangerine is just amazing. It helps to promote a calm disposition and give a sense of security. You might be reading this and thinking “yeah right” and I did too at first but I have been in situations that would have caused me so much stress and I have felt okay in those moments.

From one skeptic to another, these oils are the real deal and I love them! Massive thank you to Gemma, you are one of the nicest people I have ever met on Instagram and thank you so much for the oils you have sent me.

Going to soft play

A couple of weeks ago I took Amelia back to soft play for the first time in ages and we’ve been again this week with her Nana and Grandad. She bloody loved it! She just seems so grown up all of a sudden and was much more into this week. Maybe it was her Grandad jumping in all the play zones with her, rolling on the floor and going down the slide that made her feel more confident to play but she had the best time.

It was so so busy and that it one thing I hate about the weekends but we do what we can to make it fun and safe for her. Go soft play!

Starting YouTube

I can’t believe I actually did this one, it was my scariest goal that I set myself for this year and in January I just decided to jump in and give it try. I’m enjoying it but it doesn’t come as naturally to me as writing this blog does but maybe I’m hiding being the words a little here and I feel quite exposed on camera.

I’m super proud of myself to getting started though and would love you guys to let me know what you want to see on my channel. Thank you to everyone who has watched and subscribed; you’re the best.

If you would like to check out my channel, you can do so here: mylifeasmama 

That’s all for my January favourites this month and with February being so short we’ll back here again in no time.

Rachel xx


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