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January Favourites

February 19, 2017

Ok so first off, how on earth is it mid February already? Where has the time gone, I better get cracking with these monthly favourites before February slips through my fingers and it’s March already.

If you saw last month’s post you will know this is just a little recap on some of my favourite things, places and events from the month of January.

The Five Minute Journal

I think this is such a great idea, it’s like a journal or diary but you write about what you want to achieve that day in the morning and then reflect on your day in the evening. What went well, what could have been better. It’s so easy to complete and honestly it makes you feel so much better, bring a little positivity to your day.

Bino Glass Water Bottle (similar item)

Many of you will know I have been an avid user of water bottles for a couple of years now to help me remember to drink more and keep on top of how much I have had throughout the day.

I’ve decided to give this glass bottle a try since my previous plastic one developed a really nasty smell that just wouldn’t go away no matter how much I washed it and it was making the water taste funny, gross!

Glass is so much nicer to drink from and so much easier to clean.

Little Blue Nest Baby Long Ear Bunny Blanket

This one isn’t for me although I totally wish it was acceptable to walk around with my own snuggle blanket sometimes. I bought this swaddle for Amelia, as something special for her to cuddle with as she starts to become more aware of her things and starts to interact with her toys more.

This swaddle is not for mopping up sick and spills, it’s a special one and I’m hoping that over time it will become her comforter and bring her peace and calm when she is upset.

Plus, it’s so incredibly soft, the colours are beautiful and who doesn’t just love a little bunny print.

Dorothy Perkins ‘Frankie’ Jeans

Guess who’s hot her lardy arse back into proper jeans! Oh yeah, that’s me! I’m so happy to have finally found a pair of normal jeans that fit my new post baby shape. The ‘Frankie’ jeans from DP are so soft and stretchy that there’s plenty of give in them for sitting down. I can not stand tight jeans and for the last few months of my pregnancy and the first three months after birth I lived in leggings.

Leggings are fine but they don’t look as nice as jeans, they don’t feel like you got dressed to go out, and quite frankly a British winter is a little chilly for leggings.

hat’s all for January, be sure to come back for a look at February’s favourites next month.

Rachel xx


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