I’ve Been A Mum Of Two For Half A Decade, And Other Life Updates

February 7, 2024

My goodness, my last post in this space was in May 2022, it makes me a little sad that I’ve not shared here since then, but life’s been busy.

This weekend my littlest babe turned 5 and it feels sort of pivotal, like a mental turning point of some sort. When she was 4, she was still a pre-schooler (although she’s been in school since Sept) but I think they still sound so little at 4. Turning 5 feels different, more grown up suddenly, more independent, and maybe I’ll be needed a little less.

I don’t mean this in a negative way, it would be nice to be needed a little less, to see them flourishing, with their own ideas and interests, to have a little more time for my own passions and, if it’s not asking too much, a little more energy for myself.

So, what’s been happening lately? I suppose I should work backwards with some of the major life updates, I’ve peeked back at some previous posts on here and there are so many things I’ve not shared.

Most recently of course we had Christmas 2023, it feels like a lifetime ago already but maybe that’s just how January makes it feel. Probably another factor of them getting older but Christmas is magic for me and the girls. I love everything about it and fully embrace it from mid Nov. Now that they’re older we’ve been visiting Santa, going to Christmas shows and I’ve already got my eyes on Panto for 2024 now that I think they would really enjoy it.

Obviously, this is the rose-tinted version of events, there was also a lot arguing, squabbling and ‘I’m bored’ with a room full of new gifts but my brain chooses to focus on the best of the moments and let the rest slip.

In September Taya started school, this was monumental for a lot of reasons; not only was she so ready for it and desperate to learn how to read but it also meant for the first time in 7 years, we had no childcare costs (hallelujah). She’s absolutely smashed her first 6 months at school, after a couple of wobbly mornings that had me worried for tears every drop off she adjusted and now she loves it. She’s learning so much and finally has her own little group of girly friends she plays with.

Amelia is 7 now, she’s such a little grown up and I’m so proud of her. My little bookworm is just the loveliest girl (unless she’s fighting with her sister, then I question all my parenting choices). She told me recently that she’s too grown up for soft play now and I honestly didn’t realise this was a thing, where am I meant to take her when it’s raining, also, when did she become a teenager?  

As for me, I’m very much embedded in my job now, it’ll be 2 years in March since I returned to work. It feels like it’s gone so quick but also, my time at home feels like a lifetime ago. I don’t know if I could go back to that lifestyle you know, having nothing for myself outside of the babies and the home, it can really drain your personality away and I’m grateful for my part time job for giving me back some of myself.

This summer Kev and I will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary, 12 years, that’s mental isn’t it.

From a shop perspective it’s been a bumpy journey since my initial excitement of the rebrand back in May 2022, I think all small business’ have found it a challenging time and whilst some have flourished so many have struggled, and some have closed. I’ve considered it, it comes in waves, being excited about opportunities and bursting with creative ideas but it’s impossible to deny that sales have been low, very low.

I just love it too much, I’m so emotionally invested in my little space on the internet, with the pieces I get to create that I can’t walk away. I would be so miserable if I didn’t have this outlet, so I keep going, I enjoy the little high moments and convince myself that the lows won’t last.

That’s a little whistle stop tour of what’s been happening lately and where we’re at now, I’m hoping to have a lot more things to share in this space this year. A mixture of life and parenting with my passion for crystals, jewellery, meditation and mindfulness.

Rachel xx

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    February 7, 2024 at 7:40 pm

    You’ve done it gracefully. I appreciate your effort and all the love you bring.
    Love you xxx

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