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How I Discovered My Love For Crystals

February 12, 2022

You only have to have taken a glance at my business and instagram account (@atilayasorelle) to know that I am a massive supporter of the healing energy crystals can bring us. 

I first became aware of this power to heal back in 2017; I was struggling hugely with postpartum anxiety and whilst my doctor wanted to consider medication, I wanted an alternative option. 

Lots of googling and reading articles about crystal healing led me to Blue Lace Agate; one of the most powerful crystals for helping to ease feelings of stress and anxiety. My first experience with Blue Lace Agate was a bracelet in John Lewis, it was beautiful but at the time I didn’t understand its value and never purchased it. I wish I had now, it would be amazing to see how it had affected me back then and how it felt to still have it now, so many years later. 

It was years later that crystals came back into my life; through the power of social media I started to see them being talked about more and more and my mind went straight back to that bracelet I wish I had bought. 

Something sparked in me, I can’t pinpoint what it was exactly, maybe it was the curiosity of a path never explored. I read blogs and websites, I followed accounts and I borrowed books from the library. I was hooked! 

I bought a set of tumble stones (crystals that have been tumbled until they’re smooth) and whilst they were pretty, I didn’t hugely connect with them. It wasn’t until I bought a small piece of Clear Quartz that I felt it. 

If you’ve never felt the magic I’ll try to explain it as best I can. There was an energy, a physical energy I could feel when I held it in my hands. 

If you’re not familiar with how crystals generate their healing energy, there is a post all about it here.

I felt it with this piece of Clear Quartz; the crystal itself was cold but there was a heat to it when it was in my hand. It left a sensation on my skin when I rolled it around in my fingers. When it felt hot, I would swap it to the other hand but it would feel cold again. 

From here my collection grew and grew, I learned more and more about how crystals use their physical vibrational energy to influence our vibrational energy and I wanted to find a way to bring this to others. 

And so, the crystal collection, the back bone of Atilaya Sorelle was born. 

If you’re interested to know, the crystals in the bowl photo above are: Aquamarine star, Clear Quartz sphere, Selenite sphere, Rose Quartz, tiny Citrine, Blue Lace Agate (in the middle), Amethyst and my ever so precious first love Clear Quartz at the front. 

That’s a little taste of how I fell in love with crystals; it doesn’t hurt that they’re absolutely stunning gifts from Mother Earth. 

I have lots of others posts planned to bring you more information about crystals but if there is anything you’d like to ask or would like me to write about feel free to join me on Instagram and drop me a DM with your questions. 

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this beautiful chunky glistening Amethyst baby. 

Rachel xx 

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