How I Care For My Baby’s Curly Hair

June 1, 2017

This is a question I get asked a lot on Instagram, what do I use to help keep my baby’s curly hair looking nice. So, I thought I would tell you, there’s not a lot to it actually and it’s all thanks to my husband.

When I was pregnant Amelia’s hair was something I thought about a lot, I expected it to be dark and curly but how tight would her curls be? would her hair be lighter? as unlikely as it was would her hair be similar in colour to mine? (it has happened before) and when she born I was so shocked by how much how much hair she had.

All the midwives kept asking me if I had suffered from heart burn during my pregnancy as that is often a sign of a baby with lots of hair but I think I took a Rennie twice in the whole nine months, I never suffered from heartburn and did not expect a baby with a full head of straight black hair.

Oh my days looking back at new born photos makes me so broody, ok focus.

In the beginning we followed the advice of the HV and didn’t use any products on her hair or skin for the first six weeks. After that I asked my husband what on earth am I meant to use on her hair? It was really starting to curl at the ends and you could tell it was going to be really curly as it grew.

My husband informed me that all children in Africa have coconut oil on their hair (his words not mine). I couldn’t quite get my head around it, coconut oil? really? but he was adamant it was the only thing to use. I opted to give Kokoso Baby coconut oil a try and loved it, I actually use it on her entire body as well as her hair.

I oil her hair twice a day; first thing in the morning after her top & tail wash and again in the evening after her full bath. Sometimes it feels pointless to put oil on her hair just before she goes to bed but trying to comb it the next morning if I don’t oil it is no fun for either of us.

So that being said, I don’t used a brush on her hair, I only use a baby comb (I have the one from the Tommee Tippee baby health kit) and I have in the last few months started using Aldi’s Mamia baby shampoo on her hair in the bath. I only need about a 5p worth as she doesn’t really have a lot of hair and it goes a long way.

That’s literally it, really simple products but they make such a difference to her hair. The coconut oil keeps her curls tight and looking shiny, also making it a lot easier to comb her hair.

Rachel xx

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