First Trimester

How Big Is My Baby? // First Trimester Weeks 4 – 12

January 11, 2017

So you’re expecting a baby? Congratulations!

You might be wondering just what your baby is getting up in your tummy as they grow, to give you an idea here is a week by week breakdown for the first trimester…

Week 4 – Poppy Seed


Baby is now official considered an embryo, made up of three layers that will gradually become their brain, bones, muscles and organs.

Week 5 – Sesame Seed


Baby is starting to look like a little tadpole and their heart is forming and starting to beat. Expect a growth spurt soon, although it might not show as a bump just yet.

Week 6 – Lentil


Your babies heart beat is now almost twice as fast as yours, their facial features are starting to form and tiny arms and legs are developing.

Week 7 – Blueberry


Babies arms and legs are growing rapidly and although you can’t feel it they’re jumping around inside your tummy. The brain is forming nicely and other features such as teeth and ears are starting to take shape. Now is the time that organ development really takes off and won’t stop until about 20 weeks.

Week 8 – Kidney Bean


The arms are now long enough for your babies hands to meet across their chest. The brain is forming pathways and a sense of smell is also developing.

Week 9 – Grape


Your baby is now considered a fetus, with their gender starting to form the sex of your baby is almost decided although it will be a few more weeks until you can see it is on any scans.

Week 10 – Green Olive


That little heart is now beating so fast it is almost three times faster than yours. Baby’s finger now have tiny little finger nails and now that her shoulder and hip joints are forming baby is able to really kick their arms and legs about.

Week 11 – Fig


Baby is really growing those muscles and moving around so much although they’re still too small for you feel it. Their fingers and toes are now fully separated where they were webbed previously.

Week 12 – Lime

Lime isolated

Your baby is now starting to look more like a tiny human, they can clench their fists and are also practicing how to suck.

We have reached the end of the first trimester, congratulations. To see how your baby is growing in the second trimester, click here.

Rachel xx



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