Third Trimester

Hospital Bag // What I’ve Packed

September 18, 2016

Now that we’re well and truly into the 35th week and we’re off to Centre Parcs for a week on Monday I couldn’t put off packing my hospital bag any longer. You know, just in case…

So I’ve done it and I thought I would give you a run down of what I’ve included, I’ve tried to add links where I can find the items still online…

These are essentials but they take up the most amount of space, I’m most likely going to leave these in the car for collection when needed;

Mamia newborn size 1 nappies // Aldi

I’ve read these are great compared to some of the bigger brands and these also have a little cut out at the front to make sense for the umbilical cord and clip so that it doesn’t get irratted in the first few days.

Throw away nappy bags // Boots

At home we have bought a nappy bin but I’m defiantly not carrying that to the hospital so these little bags will be perfect for while we are there and will also go into my nappy bag for when we’re out and about.

Water Wipes // Boots

I’ve read online that most baby wipes (even sensitive wipes) are still too strong for new born skin and that most hospitals won’t allow you to use them. It is preferred to use water and cotton buds but this can be messy and when you don’t know what you’re doing the easier you can make the process the better. Hence, Water Wipes, these are as gentle on new born skin as water and wool but without the risk of spilling water everywhere.

Maternity Pads // Boots

Nothing glamorous about these I’m afraid, like period pads but bigger I would imagine.

Breast Pads // Savers

Also less on the glamorous side, little pads to go inside your bra or top to absorb any leakage. It will happen, it will be embarrassing and that’s just that.

Nursing Sleep Bra // Mothercare

A soft non-wired top with detachable straps to allow you to breast feed during the night but also wear breast pads if you need to. As much as we probably don’t want to wear anything restrictive after labour, it’s better than a bed soaked in milk. This one came in a pack of two with a white one but I am only taking one in my bag.

Nursing Bra // Mothercare

More like your traditional bra but without under wires and with detachable straps for easy feeding. Again this was a two pack with a white one but only one in the bag.

Big Knickers // Primark

I’ve bought three packs of these, in a size 3 up from the size I normally wear. It doesn’t really matter if they are huge on me as I am definitely going to be all about comfort in the hours after labour. I’ve also chosen the cheapest packs I could find with the view that if they are ruined I will just throw them away in the hospital.

Cotton Night Shirt // Primark

As a first timer, I’ve no idea what to expect in the hospital so I’ve bought myself a cheap button down the front night shirt. Again I have gone for 3 sizes above my normal dress size as this wasn’t a maternity item and this is the only way to guarantee it will fit over my bump and not be too tight. The buttons down the front are great for breast feeding in the hospital and also during the night at home.

Cotton Dressing Gown // Mothercare

This is a new purchase bought especially for the hospital, I don’t know how warm or cool it will be and I also don’t want to be wandering around in a hospital gown without something soft and cosy. This one is from Mothercare so it’s designed for pregnancy but it still doesn’t fully close over my bump, it’ll have to be more to cover my backside when I go for a walk.

Not sure if I will get or need to use all of this stuff but a girl needs her toiletries just in case;

Tresseme Shampoo & Conditioner // Asda

Dove Body Wash // Asda

Bastite Dry Shampoo // Asda

If I don’t get the chance to shower, I can at least spruce up my hair a little with dry shampoo before we take photos and head home.

Tooth brush and tooth paste // Savers

I use an electric toothbrush at home but I would be mortified if I had to dash out the door, grab my bag and didn’t remember to pack my toothbrush so I’ve bought a cheap manual one that can stay in the bag until needed.

Simple Face Wipes // Savers

Sudacream // Savers

This one isn’t so much for me although it might have some use I’m sure. This little tube is for baby but I’ve chucked it in this bag just to keep all the toiletries together.

Dove Deodorant // Asda

I don’t want to be a sweaty stinky mess when I first hold our baby, or when we have our first visitors.

Nivea Lip Balm // Asda

I’ve heard that using the Gas & Air machine can really dry out your lips and leave them cracked and sore so will be keeping this by the bed side at all times.

Hand Santiser // Savers

There will be loads of this around the hospital but I would feel like a bad mummy if I didn’t do my own bit to reduce germs from visitors.

Puffball Sponge // Soap & Glory

NSPA Nipple Cream // Asda

I posted about this cream on Instagram when I bought it, it’s a lanolin cream to soothe after breast feeding but rather than spending £10 on a big brand name I thought I would give this one a try as it was on offer for two tubes for £8 at the time.

Extra Large Towel // Primark

To use if I am able to take a shower, super big and super cheap to throw away if needed.

Hair Towel // Superdrug

I love hair towels, I use one everyday so this is an essential for every trip regardless of the occasion.

Flip Flops // Aldi

I’ve been warned about the bathrooms and showers in hospitals, whilst they are cleaned regularly you might still not want to stand there bare foot. These are Rio 2016 flip flops that Aldi were selling off when the Olympics ended so they’re perfect to just bin when we go home and I won’t have to spoil my favourite Havaianas.

Warm Blanket // T K Maxx

Thick and snugly to wrap baby in for cuddles or place over her in the cot and car seat for the journey home.

Small Muslin Blanket // White Company (Link to similar design)

Large Muslin Blanket //  T K Maxx

I am hoping to be able to use these for anything and everything that might occur before we come home, to wrap her in a swaddle, put over my arm or shoulder, give to visitors when they hold her or to cover myself when feeding.

Little Bunny // John Lewis

2016 Teddy Bear // White Company

Whilst I know that baby girl will be far too little and new to even register the teddies but they’re more for me and for the photos we will take of her in the hospital.

Bunny Comforter // Gift from family

We’ve been told by the midwife she will likely to be between 7-9lbs and this is more or less the top end of the new born size so I’m taking some new born and some 0-3 months just in case she’s on the chunky size. To make it easier, I’ll go top left to bottom right;

0-3 months Tatty Teddy short sleeve sleep suit // Part of a multi pack from Marks & Spencer

0-3 months Ducky Long Sleeved Full Body Suit // Next

Pink Cotton Hat // Part of a two pack including mittens from Asda

Scratch Mittens // Matalan

New Born Frilly Socks // Gift from family friend

New Born Pink Long Sleeved Sleep Suit // Part of a two pack from H&M

New Born Bunny Long Sleeved Full Body Suit // Part of a three pack from Next

0-3 Deer Short Sleeved Sleep Suit // H&M

New Born Roses Long Sleeved Full Body Suit // Part of a multi pack from Asda

I’ve chosen a mixture of longer sleeve/long legged full suits as it could be chilly in mid-late October but also some long sleeve/no leg suits for when she is wrapped in blankets and it can be very warm in hospitals.

Things Still To Be Added

There are some items I can’t add until the very last minute as I use them daily;

Skin care creams

Make up

Pair of Leggings from Mothercare

Long Sleeve Top from New Look

T-Shirt from New Look

Cardigan from Primark

Snacks and HydrateM8 water bottle

Magazine & Kindle

Maternity Notes

So, that’s my bag packed! There’s a lot of stuff isn’t there, considering I might not even stay over night but I’ve heard that it’s quite likely as I’m a first timer so I’m preparing for it. Maybe I’ve over done it but I’ve never been a light packer, why would this be any different.

Let me know in the comments below if this was helpful or if you can suggest anything I have missed.

Rachel xx



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