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Holiwell Gifts; Why I Decided To Rebrand

May 8, 2022

If you’ve followed my little business for a while you will have noticed (and I’ve mentioned it a few times) that I’ve recently changed the name of my shop. 

It has taken weeks of planning and prep (and a lot of help) to get ready but I’m delighted with the new branding. 

My new shop name is Holiwell Gifts; a play on the words holistic and wellbeing which is the direction myself and my business will be focusing on in the future. 

I’ve learnt so much over the last 18 months and it’s all helped me to find my passion and focus for wellness, self care, aromatherapy and crystal healing. 

One big piece of advice that has stuck with me and had played on my mind is that your brand name and social presence should tell people what they can expect from you or tell them what sort of products you sell. This was one area my previous name was falling short; Atilaya Sorelle might have been very meaningful to me but it didn’t tell you anything about me or my business. A few people had mentioned it was hard to spell and difficult to remember which was the final nail in the coffin and it was time to rebrand. 

So what can you expect from Holiwell Gifts? 

I’ll be continuing to design and make crystal and aromatherapy jewellery as this has been the backbone of my business and my dream to have my own jewellery shop. To support this I’m also creating my own range of aromatherapy roller that can be used to help reduce stress, boost your energy and help you get a better nights sleep. My macrame range is growing with the introduction of car diffusers to help you scent your car with natural oils rather than overpowering fragrance chemicals. 

I also intend to share more of my journey with organic skin care with Neals Yard Remedies; not only are the product great for your skin but you can also enjoy the therapeutic benefits if the essential oils that are used to scent them. Self care that also eases your stress levels? yes please! 

There are many more ideas in the pipeline, or mostly in my head but I’m excited to start working on new lines and products that help to bring more wellness practices and self care to your routine. 

Join me on instagram for daily stories focused around crystals, aromatherapy, journaling, self care tips and practices, getting back to nature and little snippets of family too because my girls help to fill my cup of joy every day. 

Rachel xx 



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