Hey, It’s Okay…

April 26, 2017

…if doing your hair consists of a can of dry shampoo and a messy mum bun.

…if your ideal evening is watching Netflix and actually chilling.

…if you spent time playing with your child today instead of doing the dishes.

… that you’re still wearing maternity jeans, those elasticated waistbands though…

…if you haven’t lost all your baby weight yet.

…if carrying and rocking your baby is the only exercise you did today.

…that when your baby is asleep you sit and look at photos of your baby sleeping.

…if your entire Instagram feed is just photos of your baby and your food, the two most important things in the world.

…that you have to take a photo of your meal, otherwise you didn’t eat it.

…if you feel totally unprepared for the Spanish inquisition you face when trying to order a Starbucks.

…to want to be you for a minute and not just mummy.

…to pretend you didn’t hear your child calling your name, over and over, and over.

…to eat that chocolate bar in the bathroom, by yourself, because you just need chocolate.

…if your dream house is perfectly decorated all over your Pinterest boards.

…to wish that your Pinterest find magically appeared in your wardrobe and home.

…to secretly hate your non child friends when your child is driving you crazy.

Hey, it’s okay!

Rachel xx

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