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January 28, 2018

Alright guys, I need your help! It’s my 30th birthday in a few weeks and I’ve decided I want my very first ‘proper’ camera. The plan is for it to be a gift from friends and family, something I will treasure, use and keep.

Problem is; there’s a lot of cameras out there and I don’t want to make the wrong choice. I’ve watched quite a few YouTube videos from vloggers and bloggers and techy guys and I’ve narrowed it down to two (I think);

Canon G7X Mark II or Canon EOS M6.

My problem is that my mind is swaying between them and every time I think I have made up my mind I hear myself say “yeah but…” so I thought I would lay down my thoughts and ask for your advice.

If you don’t know what either of these cameras look like, I’ll add some photos below and share my pros and cons that are currently pulling me in every direction:

G7X Mark II

The Pros

  • It’s tiny and compact, this is the biggest selling point for me. It’s small enough to fit in my bag and take out and about without having a huge camera with me.
  • It’s size makes it discreet for vlogging out in public, especially as I’m new to this I’m a bit nervous about looking like an idiot when filming.
  • It has a flip screen so you can see that you or what you’re filming is in shot and in focus.
  • Every blogger/vlogger seems to have one. I asked a few people on Instagram and they very kindly replied telling me they use this camera a lot. I’ve also watched tons of YouTubers raving about this camera. I’ve seen it linked in the description box of almost every YouTuber I like to watch so it must be good right?

The Cons

  • You can’t change the lens or add an external mic. What you have is just what you get as standard. This is the big concern for me; what if the audio is rubbish and there’s nothing I can do about it.


The Pros

  • Changeable lens and external mic option
  • Has the functionality of a small DSLR in a tiny (comparable) body.
  • Has a flip up screen so you can see yourself, great compared to the M5 which had a flip down screen; hello what about the tripod?
  • Better auto focus than the G7X Mark II according to the reviews I have watched.

The Cons

  • Although you can attach an external mic to the hot shoe on top of the camera, you then can’t use the flip up screen as it mic attachment is in the way. Not only will the mic block your view of the screen but it will also prevent the screen from going 180 degrees up which means the image won’t flip and you’ll be trying to look at yourself upside down.
  • There is a hack on line to fix a mic to the side of the camera so as not to block the screen, but do you really want to have to hack something that is so expensive already, or is the extra mic worth it?
  • It’s about £100 more expensive than the G7X Mark II
  • It’s bigger than the G7X Mark II. I just don’t know how comfortable it’s going to be to carry around and have on me when I’m out and about.

Okay so, here’s the big dilemma and the two main issues that are preventing me from making a decision; I love the size of the G7X Mark II, I love that it can fit in my pocket as it is and that I could just grab it and take a photo or a quick video without it being too obtrusive.

However, it doesn’t have the option of the lens and mic that you get with the EOS M6, which is considerably bigger and heavier and would most likely need to be taken apart for storage which means you can’t just grab and shoot; you have to assemble first.

I suppose this comes down to what’s more important; size and portability or features such as mic and better auto focusing?

In one minute I feel like the EOS M6 is the no brainer because of it’s enhanced features but then the next I’m thinking about it’s size and how I would carry it.

Here’s a size comparison:

I thought maybe writing this post would help me to think about it clearly and would hopefully leave me with a bright yellow neon sign pointing to the one I should I choose but I’m just as confused as I was when I started.

Please leave a comment below or on my Instagram and let me know your thoughts and advice? Do you own either of these cameras, if so do you love them? do you hate them? Why did you choose one over the other?

Rachel xx

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