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Got Kids? Ways To Keep Your Children Happy And Safe In the Car During Your Road Trip // Guest Post by Eric Tress

August 29, 2019

Going on a road trip with kids is always an interesting experience, full of fun memories. You get to explore new places, try different foods, see new sights, not to mention it’s a great bonding time with your family.

However, kids get bored easily, sitting for long hours watching the dull stretches of unending scenery while on a road trip. But what can you do to keep them entertained and safe while driving for long hours during a road trip?

Well, have no worries fellow parents! Taking a road trip with your kids doesn’t have to be boring and stressful. We will arm you with six helpful tips to ensure that you have a smooth ride. So, let’s get started!

Tips to keep your kids happy when on a road trip


1. Planning is everything; 

Having a simple plan of when to stop, where, and what to do during the road trip hours is very important. A plan will help you break the journey to manageable segments where you can add stops to your journey for playing, sleeping and eating. Taking short driving sessions also gives children a chance to stretch, thus keeping them less tired during the journey.

2. Arm yourself with some toys

There is no better way to fight boredom in the backseat than bringing some toys with you. Choose some of their favorite toys and take them with you during the road trip. You can also get some cheap toys at your local kid’s stores, wrap them and give them out during the road trip. New toys will excite them and keep them engaged for quite some time.

3. Carry a gaming device

 Supplement your toys with any portable game players that you might have. A smartphone, tablet, Nintendo or a laptop can keep kids entertained for long hours while playing the games. 

4. Jump in the backseat for some playtime

If you have your spouse with you, it helps a lot when one of you joins the kids in the backseat. There is a lot of fun activities you can do with your kids in the backseat. You can play kid games, tell them (and let them tell you) stories and do puzzles. 

5. Carry a first aid kit

 No matter how protective you might be during a road trip, kids can still get scratches, bruises, and sunburns. Also, accidents do happen while driving, and sometimes, nothing can be done to prevent them. Therefore stay prepared by getting a first aid kit and brushing up on your CPR and first aid skills; you never know what might happen when on a road trip with kids. 

6. Make your car more comfortable for long rides

You will be spending the most part of your road trip in the car. So it makes much sense to make your car more comfortable for your kids. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your car more comfortable.

–          Get a child’s car seat for your kids- When installed properly, a child’s car seat can prevent injuries and keep them correctly restrained in the seat as you drive.

–          Get a tint job done- This prevents your kids from getting sunburned and reduces the risk for a heatstroke. Cars heat up very fast, especially during this sunny summer season. Tinting your car will keep its interior cool and comfortable .

–          Improve your car’s air conditioning system- Driving in hot conditions means your car’s A/C will have to get a workout. However, having an air conditioner that produces a musty smell can be as bad as not having one. Therefore make sure to have your car’s air conditioner inspected before you head out for your summer trip.

By following these simple tips, you will make your road trip with kids a whole lot of fun, easier, and safer. 

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