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Four Things You Should Know Before Having A Baby; A Guest Post By Erica Johnson

February 23, 2018

I’m so excited to bring you another guest written post on my site today; Erica Johnson is a fellow parenting blogger with her own site Inner Parents and she’s been kind enough to write this post for us all about things to think about before you decide it’s time to start a family…

Becoming a parent is both an exciting and scary time, especially if it is your first child. When you first find out that you or your partner is pregnant, it can send your world into a flurry of excitement, but you also might be feeling quite a bit nervous. There are a few things that every parent need to know before their baby is born or before even trying to grow your family. In this article below, we are going to discuss four things that every parent need to know before their precious little one comes into the world.

There’s going to be tears.

There are going to be a lot of tears from you, from your partner, and from your newborn. It’s okay to have lots of tears though, especially since on your fourth day postpartum, you are going to experience quite the hormone crash. This is common, and it happens to every woman that gives birth. It is a part of life. However, the trouble comes in when you go more than a few days with heightened emotions. Your postpartum health is important, but you should remember that it is normal to feel all those emotions and experience all those tears.

Babies have weird sleeping patterns.

The term sleeping like a baby is so not a true statement. Babies sleep when they want to, which means they sleep during the day, but rarely when you want to sleep. They also sleep very fitfully and have many disruptions in their sleeping habits. Some babies might sleep more than another, but most are going to wake up all hours of the night. There is good news though. Your baby is going to sleep at some point, but while they are young, it might not be when you want them to sleep.

Breastfeeding is not as easy as it seems.

Yeah, it is really hard to breastfeed. Some babies never latch, and it hurts when you first start feeding your baby. Having a lactation consultant can help you better understand the process and help you get on the right track. Still, some people choose to pump their breastmilk into bottles to be stored away until their baby is ready to eat. Breastfeeding doesn’t have to be your only option either. If it doesn’t work out for you, which happens with many women, then that’s fine.

Take as many pictures and videos as you want.

Seriously, you should take as many pictures and videos of your newborn as you want. Your first time being a parent is never going to happen again, so you should take care to remember every moment of it from the good and the bad. Pictures and videos are a good way to capture the moments, the cuteness, and even the difficult stuff to remember the memories when you grow older. No matter how many children you have, taking photos and videos is the way to remember your kids when they were young. These are memories that you will cherish forever.


There is nothing out there to tell you exactly what to expect when you are preparing to bring a baby into this world. As you become new parents, just remember that your little one will never be this little again. Cherish every little thing that happen because all too soon, they will be grown.

Thank you so much to Erica for writing this post for my site, I hope you’ve found it helpful and inspiring. For more great articles from Erica, check out her blog Inner Parents

Rachel xx

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