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Five Tips For Looking After Curl Hair

June 18, 2018

I want to start this post with a disclaimer; I am by no means an expert in hair care and only a few months ago I was crying out for help with my toddlers curls because I had no idea how to care for them properly and they were getting into a really bad state.

I received a lot of advice after reaching out to other mums online and by following some (pretty simple) guidelines, I’ve been able to transform my daughters from dry and fizzy to bouncy ringlets and I’m so proud of her hair that I thought I would share a few tips and products that help us keep it all under control.

Combing – I learnt pretty quickly that you can only comb curls when they’re wet; if I don’t have the option of putting Amelia in the bath or I just want to tie her hair up at night then I keep a spray water bottle in her room. That way I can wet her hair without having to give her multiple baths a day. I’ve also recently started using one of my husbands wide tooth combs, the ones that come in sets for babies were fine for a while but her curls are getting longer now and the wider teeth on the adult comb have made it so much easier.

Only shampoo once a week – This was by biggest faux pas when asking for help with her hair online, turns out I was washing it so often that I was drying it out. I used to think that in order to be able to comb it I had to shampoo it to make it wet and soft, I was very very wrong. Now I shampoo her hair on a Friday and that’s it.

Use the right products – Speaking of shampoo, using the correct hair care products on curls is so important. I had previously been using baby shampoo from Aldi but it’s just a general one and it’s up to the job. Now I use a range called Cantu (I wrote a post about choosing it if you would like to read it here). I now have the Cantu shampoo, leave in conditioner and de-tangling spray.

Tie hair up at night – Bed time (and naps) is the worst offender for sending Amelia’s hair from beautiful curls to uncontrollable frizz and I’m sure it’s how she rolls around in her sleep. Maybe when she is older she will wear a wrap at night to help preserve her curls but she’s too young for that at the moment (I think) to help make it easier for myself when it comes to combing it the next day I always put her hair in a bobble on top of her head at night.

Never skip a day – Honestly, sometimes I just don’t want the battle with her to comb her hair at the end of the day. I just want to bath her, pop her to bed and collapse on the sofa but I never ever miss a hair comb in the morning or evening because I just know it will be hell to pay the next day and the thought of it hurting so much to comb it makes me never skip a day. Twice a day, er’day.

I get a lot of messages asking about what I use and how I keep Amelia’s curls looking nice so I hope you have found this helpful.

What is your secret weapon for keeping your children’s hair looking lovely?

Rachel xx

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    Yoshiko Oluwakemi
    June 28, 2019 at 1:06 pm

    Hello Rachel thank you so much for these tips! Your article is very helpful 😊
    My baby is still 10 months old and her curls now are still easy to comb during the bath and it’s not dry and fizzy yet but I was wondering if I should start already using the right products (Cantu) , what do you think?
    I also bath her and wash her hair every day, I don’t know if I should stop already 🤔

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