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Fighting The Dribble With Aden + Anais Snap Bibs

March 10, 2017

I’m pretty convinced Amelia has started teething now, her cheeks are often pink and she is dribbling and drooling all day long. Along with putting everything she can find in her mouth she is fairly slobbery all of the time.

It’s not just dribble we have to contend with either, Amelia was diagnosed with reflux when she was smaller and whilst we have been able to manage her discomfort from it she does still have a tendency to bring up milk hours after she’s finished her bottle. Of course she waits until you take her bib off (I swear she knows) so now we just don’t take them off unless she is sleeping.

Bibs are no longer a milk time requirement, they’re an all day everything day outfit addition and frankly that means they need to be cute as well as effective.

A few weeks ago we were sent these new Spring/Summer 2017 snap bibs from aden + anais in their Lovebird print. They are simply adorable, made from triple layer cotton muslin they are so soft from right from the get go.

They also feature a front fastening which I much prefer as I am always worried I will catch or pull Amelia’s little curls when I’m fastening her bibs at the back. They also have three stages in poppers too so as your baby gets bigger you can losen the bib and it will last longer. I don’t know why more bibs don’t have this design, maybe to make you buy more…

At the moment Amelia is still quite small so the bib actually covers her whole upper body, very effective for catching dribble and sneaky 3 hour post bottle throw up, she’s yet to get it on her clothes when wearing these bibs. Obviously as she gets bigger the bib to body ratio will get smaller but they are still considerably larger than other bibs we have so I am sure they will still cover her well enough not to ruin her outfits.

As they are made from muslin material they are super absorbent too and whilst we might need to change her bandana bibs 2-3 times a day we can get almost a whole days wear out of these before they feel soggy and gross.

My favourite of the three designs is the bird cage bib, I didn’t notice at first but the gold cage is actually made from metallic gold thread and has a really lovely shimmer to it, since Amelia is never still it’s always glinting in the light when she’s wiggling around.

The only downside I have found so far is that the snap poppers are on the right hand side, Amelia is showing signs of being right handed and her right hand thumb is her preferred for sucking at the moment. Where she is only on the smallest popper there is a lot of excess material to allow her to grow. What I am finding is that this excess sometimes sticks up or she catches it with her hand and it ends up in her mouth. This isn’t a problem as it’s not a choking hazard but it can leave this part of the bib very soggy and she sometimes gets frustrated when she can’t get her thumb in her mouth as well. This isn’t a problem that is going to last long as she will soon be getting bigger and moving up the poppers which will make this extra material shorter and is in no way enough of a problem for me to not use the bibs.

I am really looking forward to using these when we get on to weaning (5 weeks to go) eeek!! So far her outfits have been very well protected from dribble and sick, lets see how they do against pureed carrots and broccoli…

If you would like to take a look at the aden + anais snap bib collection please click here. Thank you to aden + anais for sending us these bibs for review.

Rachel xx

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