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February Slimming World Round Up

March 2, 2017

Its been a week since I signed up to a new Slimming World group after giving up the programme when I was pregnant last year. I’ve not given myself much time to make a huge impact for February (only a week) but it’s better than leaving it another week and telling myself I will start in March because before I know it it’ll be April.

So I’ve had a pretty good first week, I went right back to basics as tackled it as a new member even though a lot of my previous knowledge all came flooding back to me when I got started.

I’ve decided to start a monthly round up series not only as a way for me to track my own progress, successes and failures but hopefully to inspire and encourage others as well, let’s get started:

February weight loss: -5.5lbs

February Successes: I’ve really enjoyed getting back into Slimming World, I thought I would miss all my snacks and I do, there are days I would love to stuff my face with crisps and chocolate but you know what, I also want to succeed. I want to look back at my food diary and not have to lie. Not have to omit something because I’m embarrassed and just be proud of myself for sticking to it. Talking of food diaries, I’ve loved my new diary I made (see previous post here) it’s really helping me to keep on track and by looking back at previous days I can make sure I’m getting enough variety to stop me getting bored.

February Failures: This one is easy, it was my friend’s birthday lunch last weekend and when I left the house I had planned to choose a simple tomato based pasta dish that would hopefully be within my syns for the day. I was going to be totally on it and proud of myself. Instead of doing this I ordered garlic bread for starter, lasagne for main and also indulged in a rather ample sized portion of chocolate birthday cake. Yeah… It was bloody delicious though. Thankfully I was on plan for the rest of the day and week and it doesn’t appear to have affected my weight loss too much.

February Favourite Meal: Definitely my pasta, ham and feta salad. It’s been ages since I made a proper salad, I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoy it when I make the effort. Let’s be honest it’s not that hard is it, I buy the carrot pre-grated and the beetroot pre-chopped (if someone could pre-chop the feta and ham that’d be great) all I have to do is chuck it all in a bowl and add fat free dressing. I’ve never actually been a salad fan, for years and years I wouldn’t even entertain it, I don’t even like lettuce on a burger, but since I was told about the Hellaman’s Fat Free Vinaigrette dressing my salad eating days are in motion. It’s delicious, completely transforms the taste of the leaves and it’s free!

Ingredients for my salad:

  • handful of dried pasta, cooked and allowed to cool
  • spinach (uncooked) or any other salad leaves you like
  • grated carrot
  • beetroot
  • chopped raw red pepper
  • 45g of feta cut into cubes
  • cooked sandwich ham
  • Hellman’s fat free vinaigrette dressing

You might notice there are none of the ‘traditional’ salad items like tomato and cucumber but I just don’t like them. I’ve managed to find a salad I really enjoy so I don’t mind if it’s a bit unconventional. Of course when making your own salad you can literally add what ever you like.

That’s all for February, I’m going to do that same for March and being on plan for a whole month I should have a little more to share with you. It’s going to be tough to pick a favourite meal I think…

Please feel free to leave a comment below and tell me how your month has been…

Rachel xx


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