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Endless Fun With The Vtech Push & Ride Alphabet Train

November 16, 2017

For her birthday Amelia got so many gifts and we’re so grateful for the variety of different things she received, she’s loved playing with all of it and it’s all keeping her entertained and learning which is great.

One of the items we bought her that has been a roaring success is the Vtech Push & Ride Alphabet Train, in fact I was so excited to give it to her I almost caved a few times and got it out early but I resisted and we built it for her at her birthday party so she could play with it with her little friends and they all loved it.

It honestly does so many different things I don’t know she will ever get bored of it, here are some of the features I love about it:

  • It’s interactive, it talks and sings and counts and says letters. You can press the buttons on the main train section for words and phrases and attach the alphabet blocks for a more specific word associated with that letter.
  • It’s a walker, you can detach the carriage at the back and the handles become a walker, Amelia loves pushing it around the house and because if it’s shape it hasn’t tipped backwards yet.
  • You can ride on it, if your child sits on the seat of the carriage you can pull them around or if they can reach the floor they can push themselves along like a little bike.
  • You can pull it, flipping the seat of the carriage back makes it a pull along trolley so children can carry things around. So far Amelia’s favourite teddy has had a lovely ride around the house in it.
  • It’s a shape sorter, if you put the alphabet blocks in the hole on the top they will shoot out the back, hopefully into the carriage if it is attached but if not just out on to the floor. This is Amelia’s favourite thing to do with it, she just spends ages putting the blocks in, collecting them from around the room and putting them back in again. She tries to put non toys in there too so we do have to watch her and make sure nothing gets stuck.
  • It has a little phone, Amelia is a little obsessed with the tiny mobile phone that comes with it, she likes to click the button which is the most annoying noise ever but at least she’s happy. The phone can be slotted into the train too to activate call like phrases.
  • It can help teach time, there is a clock face on the front of the train so you can teach older children to tell the time.
  • It’s super simple to put together, only a couple of pieces that just slot together. Perfect for a party situation when everyone wants to get on and play with it.
  • There’s enough activities and blocks for multiple children to all play together.

If you can’t tell I’m pretty impressed with this thing and I’m so glad we bought it for her. My only niggle would be that everything is on one side of the train, that’s perfect if you only have one child but if there are more then some won’t be able to access the interactive buttons and will only have a really boring plain side of the train to look at.

If you child is just starting to walk or is really interested in shapes and pressing buttons then this train is brilliant, I would definitely recommend it for parents with little ones over 12 months to 3 years. It’s currently on sale on Amazon too which is always nice, you can get it here.

Rachel xx

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