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Deciding To Try For A Baby

June 16, 2016

After 3 ½ years of married bliss and a year in our new home we decided it was the right time for us to start planning for a baby.

As a PCOS suffer I was so worried that I wouldn’t have regular ovulation but by some miracle I seemed to have regulated myself, days which made it easier to keep track.

If I could give any advice when you decide the time is right to start trying for your baby it would be this:

  • Start taking Folic Acid straight away – I didn’t know I was meant to do this from when we started trying and whilst my GP said it wasn’t a problem I couldn’t help thinking I should have known and been more prepared.
  • Keep a diary of your monthly cycles – it was so helpful to me to have it all written down in a diary, I was able to tell the exact date I became ‘late’.

We decided to take a quick test before leaving for work on the day after I became ‘late’; and that little digital display popped up ‘Pregnant’!

Whoa! It’s really happening!

Cue a very distracted day at work, mind whirling away; what do I do first? I don’t know what I’m doing; I want to call my mum…

We made the decision to tell only my Mum & Dad until we had been to our 12 week scan; we dropped by unannounced that evening to tell them. I was literally shaking, my mum kept trying to offer me dinner but I was so nervous I couldn’t eat.

Saying the words “We’re having a baby” out loud and seeing their faces light up in shock was so surreal and beautiful I will never forget it.

Check out my next post to hear about the first 12 weeks and my symptoms.

Rachel xx

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