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December Favourites

January 8, 2017

I’ve decided to start a new regular monthly post called ‘Favourites’. It’ll be a look back at my favourite things, places and events from the previous month. I’m too eager to get started to wait until February so I’m kicking things off with a look back at December.

Jojo Maman Babe Nursing Waterfall Cardigan

I love love love this cardigan, not only is the waterfall effect at the front super flattering on my mum-tum it’s also so warm and cosy that I don’t even need to wear a coat. That is saying something in December, in Britain.

It’s designed to be worn to give you some protection and privacy when breast feeding in public with the buttons on each shoulder that turn it into a cowl neck cover up. Your boobies are hidden but you can still look down and see your baby. When I bought it I thought it was a bit extravagant but I wanted a cardigan that I could wear with leggings and jeans (I couldn’t fit in any jeans at the time of buying it) but you know what, I’ve worn it so much it was worth every penny.

Open with waterfall front

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

Since Amelia was born my skin has been so so dry, I’m sure it’s just one of those post partum effects and is probably not helped by all my nutrients going into my milk to feed her and there’s not a lot left for my body to have. There’s also the increased hand washing and washing up of pumps and bottles. Some days it feels like my hands are constantly in water.

This hand cream is a life saver, it’s so thick and smells amazing without being overly strong. I’ve only ever had the small tubes that the sales girls give you as samples so this year I asked Santa for a full size tube.

Case Mate Naked Tough Rose Gold IPhone Case

This one isn’t a new December purchase but it has found itself a new use recently. I bought this case when I bought my new phone back in October, it was just the best they had in the phone store on the day and I didn’t want my phone to be unprotected. If I’m honest I bought it expecting it to be a temporary case until I bought another one online. I never expected to love it so much.

It’s made up of two parts, the bumper and the back case, this gives it double protection but does make it considerably thicker. In fact the phone feels more like a 5 series than the 7 series in thickness but I actually quite like this. Makes it easier to hold on to which is super helpful with a wriggling baby in your arms.

So, it’s new use…the moving pink glitter is absolutely captivating to a baby and she just stares at it, meaning she’s looking straight at the camera and I can capture some really great pictures and videos of her actually looking at me.

Christmas with Amelia

The moments that made December amazing were spending the Christmas period with our new little girl. Dressing her up in super cute little outfits to celebrate the festive season. Seeing her at my parents house surrounded by new toys and clothes and so many gifts from friends and family. Seeing my parents lying on their living room floor playing with her and showing her how to use her new toys.

Amelia’s first Christmas was just amazing, I loved every second of it and I can’t wait for next year already. She might have found her feet by then and will definitely be more into her toys and playing all day long.

H&M Grey Scarf

I have been looking for a scarf in this shade of grey for about three years and never found one that was quite right. I didn’t even go looking for this in H&M I was actually passing through to look at the baby clothes and there it was. All perfect shade and super soft material. I HAD to have it! I’ve worn it every day this winter and I just love it. Totally worth the three year wait and it didn’t break the bank either.

Monica Vinader Personalised Havana Friendship Bracelet

My Christmas gift this year from my darling husband was this beautiful sterling silver engraved bracelet with our daughters name and date of birth on it. It’s so special and sentimental and I’ve not taken it off since Christmas Day.

I know you’re told not to wear silver to bed or in the shower but I’ve had silver jewellery before and it’s never tarnished. I actually have another of these bracelets engraved with our wedding date, that one has a silver cord instead of pink.

Definitely my favourite piece of jewellery and an item I can keep for a long long time to remember such a special year in our lives.

Baby Group and Mummy Coffee Dates

In December I started to take Amelia to a baby singing group at our local library, it’s only 30 mins and you sign songs and dance with your baby while she stares at you thinking you’ve lost the plot. It’s a great way for her to get used to being around other babies and toddlers and lots of loud noises.

My favourite part about it though is that I’ve met a lady who lives near me and who has a 6 month old daughter, we met through Instagram and decided to meet up at this library group and then go for a coffee afterwards. You know when you meet someone and it’s like you’ve known them forever? It was like that. We chatted and chatted and our babies smiled at each other from across the table. We’ve met up for a couple of weeks now and I can actually see Amelia start to recognise Hannah’s daughter and she gives a proper smile now, I can’t wait for her to start laughing and they will just giggle at each other.

The best bit – chatting with another mum. Someone who’s been there already, worn the t-shirt or is still wearing the t-shirt. It’s so lovely to sit for a couple of hours and chat about anything, and everything baby related. Anyone else’s eyes would probably have glazed over but from one mum to another it’s brilliant and so important to find people around you who are also experiencing everything in motherhood for the first time. It really does stop you from going insane and I so look forward to our Thursday coffee dates.

That’s a few of my favourite things about the month of December, I can’t wait to write January’s entry already…

Rachel xx

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