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Crystals; How Are The Made and How Do They Work?

January 21, 2022

I have so many topics I’d like to share with you about crystals and you’ve been sending me topics you’d like to know about as well but before I can start on those I think it best to give you some information about crystals; how they form, what gives them their colours and most importantly how they can work with us to help our healing journeys. 

Now this is science, its physics but I’ll try to keep it brief and light. 

How are crystals formed?

At their most basic, crystals are formed from atoms and molecules that gather in set repeated formations over thousands or millions of years. When liquids within the earth evaporate or magma cools, crystallised formations grow in the gaps. 

The different types of crystals are a result of the environment that they grow in, the temperature, the pressure, the minerals in the earth and the structure that the atoms grow in all affect the type of crystal that will grow. 

If a perfect crystal were to grow, it would be made up of only one molecule type, one mineral formed in a perfect systematic pattern. Typically these crystals are perfectly clear, often so clear you can see through them. They’re also incredibly rare. 

How do crystals get their colour?

As mentioned above, a perfectly formed crystal would have no colour, crystals that show a colour have the presence of an additional mineral or molecule that entered the sequence at some point in the crystals growth. The change in the pattern alters the way light is passed through the crystal and as such give it the colour we see.  

As an example, the only difference between a Ruby and a Sapphire, is the type of impurity found within the atom structure that alters the colour we see. 

Quartz are one of the most common and most popular crystals in the world, they come in several colours from the ‘master’ Clear Quartz, to pink Rose Quartz, purple Amethyst and yellow Citrine. What causes these huge variations in colours? Iron! The introduction of iron molecules into the structure alters the colour of the Quartz, the colour itself (pink, yellow, purple) depends on how much the iron was oxidised before it entered the structure and the depth of colour (pale or deep) depends on how much iron made it into the structure. 

All colour in a crystal is therefore considered an impurity or imperfection. The most beautiful things in nature, scientifically, impure. Isn’t that a concept we can adopt?

Some crystals also have rainbows inside, absoloutly beautiful inclusions inside the crystal that catch the light and produce rainbows. 

These rainbows are a gift from the crystal, they often require you to interact with it to see them. To hold the crystal, to turn it over in your hands and hold it in different positions to the light to capture one. If you see one, they can be breathtaking.

But how did they get there? trauma! 

They are signs of internal damage to the structure of the crystal, caused by falling from the earth, an earthquake or a sudden and extreme change in pressure or temperature (think an erupting volcano). 

If you benefit nothing else from crystals, you can take away the knowledge that damage can make you more beautiful, you’re not damaged, you’re full of rainbows just waiting for the right person to shine the light on you. 

How can crystals help us to heal?

So now that we know how they’re made and what makes them so beautiful let’s talk about how they can heal us. 

Cast back to your school science lessons, everything is energy and all atoms are in constant motion. Everything around us is vibrating, at higher or lower frequencies, in such a minute way that we can’t notice it but it’s there. Humans vibrate too, we are also made of atoms and we vibrate at a particular frequency. 

The same frequency as… you guessed it…crystals. 

When a crystal is placed on or near our bodies it connects with the vibrational frequency we are emitting. If you’re unwell or feeling stressed and anxious, your frequency will be lower than if you were feeling well and happy. The vibrations from the crystals energy can influence the vibrations from your body, helping to raise them back to their higher rate. This is why you can feel calmer when you hold a crystal, or why it can make you feel a sense of happiness. It’s physically lifting your vibrational energy higher just by being in your space. 

When our vibrational frequency is lifted, our body has a chance to naturally begin to heal itself. From the inside out, this is why many crystals are associated with healing parts of the body; the liver, the kidneys, the respiratory system. It’s not healing in the way medication would, it’s healing by lifting your vibration and allowing your body to start the healing process itself. 

I want to say here, very importantly, crystals are in no way an alternative to medical treatment and shouldn’t be used to heal serous illness. Please seek medical attention if you need it. 

I hope you’ve found this helpful and that it has given you a clearer understanding of how crystal healing can work for you. 

Rachel xx 

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