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Crystals For The Heart

February 9, 2024

With ‘love day’ just around the corner I thought it would be lovely to share some of the best crystals to support you in matters of the heart. 

These crystals don’t just support you in romantic love, although if that’s the way you’re celebrating Valentines then there are plenty of crystals out there to give you that loving feeling. I’m also including crystals that help with self love and friendship for those celebrating Galentines. 

Rose Quartz

It goes without saying that the ‘stone of love’ would be first on the list. This gentle pink crystal is the perfect companion if you’re wanting to boost feelings of love towards yourself, your partner and your friends. Promoting feelings of unconditional love, self love and acceptance, Rose Quartz helps you to seek your soul mates. 


With green crystal associated with the heart chakra it’s not possible to have this list without calming Amazonite, it promotes universal love whilst also boosting your self esteem and helping you to feel more open to receiving love from others. 

Green Aventurine 

If you’re in an established relationship, you may benefit from the energy of Green Aventurine to help you navigate through the inevitable ups and downs of sharing your life with someone else. Known as a good luck crystal, it can also help to rekindle the magic in long term relationships. 


This crystal is focused more on helping you to be in the best place to receive love, from partners or friends. By helping to reduce feelings of stress or anxiety, helping to protect you from negative energies and helping to find your inner harmony you will be able to open your heart to love. 


If you’re in a romantic relationship, Carnelian is your best friend to help boost sexual energy and desires. 


If friendships are your way of showing love, Peridot is the stone of friendship, helping you to connect with those closest to you and encourage you to nurture new and existing friendships.

There are so many crystals to support you in matters of the heart but if you’re in doubt, look for the pink and green gems, these will give you the best loving energy. 

Rachel xx


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