Christmas 2021

January 15, 2022

I have seriously let the ball drop when it comes to my blog and I’ve realised I never even wrote my traditional Christmas post after Christmas 2020. What was there to say last year anyway, it was awful wasn’t it. 

Our Christmas in 2020 started mid November when we put the tree up because what else was there to do? The kids enjoyed the magic of it but with no activities or places to go it was hard to build the Christmas spirit. We were so luck to be able to have Christmas Day with family but it was short lived with the restrictions coming back into place on Boxing Day. So let’s just say Christmas 2020 was what it was, the girls enjoyed it the best they could and we have been looking forward to Christmas 2021 ever since. 

Christmas 2021 has been a much more jolly vibe, I think it makes a huge difference that the girls are getting older, those baby Christmas’ are such hard work but I’ve noticed this year that Taya has much more understanding and was excited about the build up. 

Amelia has been in school for a few months and did lots of Christmas activities and she got to take part in a nativity which was adorable. They made Christmas lists and Santa letters, of course asking for things like a real life unicorn which sadly Santa couldn’t organise in time. Shame! 

One memory I won’t forget is taking the girls to visit Santa and watch a live Frozen sing-a-long show. They loved it. I’ve never seen them so excited and animated. Dancing, singing, jumping all around the room. It was absolutely perfect for children their age and I’m so so glad we made the decision to go. 

Christmas crafting is much easier this year now that Taya older and the girls enjoyed making gingerbread tress, colouring in their own decorations and making paper chains. 

Taya has started nursery this year which give her the chance to go to her first nursery xmas party and she had the best time. It felt so lovely for her to have something that was just for her, with Amelia having so many activities taking place at school I’m so glad Taya didn’t miss out on the chance to celebrate with her nursery friends. 

Christmas Eve was a lovely day, in some ways it’s my favourite day. All the festivities with none of the pressure. We spent it with our bestie and like possibly everyone else in the country we watched Encanto as a family. For the first of maybe 1000 times we’ve watched it since. 

The magic was real, setting out mince pies and sprinkling reindeer food outside. The girls have never been so willing to go to bed. I’m pleased I was able to sneak in and sort out there stockings without waking anyone up, anyone else have that fear of being caught?

Christmas Day was genuinely really lovely, if completely full on and exhausting. We made the decision this year to get them puzzles and games for gifts rather than lots of toys they won’t play with in a few weeks. It was a good move because they played with each one as they opened it and even spent so long playing Hungry Hippos that we had to leave for Nana and Grandad’s house with gifts still let unopened under the tree. 

It was lovely to watch them enjoying the gifts and they’ve played with them so much since Christmas which was the goal, to get them things they will continue to enjoy and hopefully we’ll hear “I’m bored” a little less frequently. 

So, to wrap this up (I’ll try to be more punctual next year) I wanted to share our annual family photos from 2020 and 2021, you won’t believe how big Taya has gotten. 



I’ve got to say, I have a feeling that Christmas 2022, with a 6 year old and an almost 4 year old is going to be the best one yet! 

Rachel xx 

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