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Celebrating Amelia’s 2nd Birthday

October 15, 2018

And just like that, she’s two! I’ve been saying for weeks now that I’m not ready for her to be a two year, it feels like only yesterday we were celebrating her first birthday with a party and now she’s two.

As much as I might not be ready for it I know she is, she’s so smart and funny, she talks non stop and tells me things that make me wonder where she even learnt that and how can she even know what it means. She’s kind and caring, and I’m absolutely certain that she’s going to be an amazing big sister next year.

To celebrate her birthday we decided against a big party, it was too stressful last year and I just didn’t want to do all that again. We’ve ended up spending the whole weekend with her favourite people and doing things she loves and some new things for the first time too.

Saturday kicked off the celebrations with a visit from Auntie Lizzi to do our first attempt at home baking. I’m not a baker, I don’t even own a mixing bowl but we bought cake mix kit and Lizzi saved the day with a new mixing bowl, whisk and cake tin along with pretty pink sprinkles that we may have split in the bottom of the bag.

I can’t quite believe how easy it was to make these little cakes, Amelia did amazingly. She listened and followed our instructions and let us help her when she needed it.

Her cakes turned out so good and I’ve never seen her so proud of herself.

I think they tasted pretty good too…

Sunday was spent with her Nana and Grandad, we had originally planned to go to the park and feed some ducks but the weather had other ideas so we went for a pub lunch and then back home for playing, birthday cake and presents.

you’ll never find this girl happier than when she’s with her Nana and Grandad, or when there’s birthday cake. She even managed to blow out her own candle which she demonstrated for the rest of the afternoon by just blowing at things and calling them candles.

My parents bought her this giant 2 balloon (that obviously has to spin round the wrong way in every single photo) but Amelia is so scared of it. She doesn’t want it to come anywhere near her and will punch it to get it to go away. Which is fine until it pings back at her and then she starts flapping her arms about telling it to go away.

It was so cute to see and although we keep telling her it’s just a big balloon she’s still not sure about it, I’ve had to sneak it into the background of all her photos and hope she doesn’t notice it. Bad mum award?

Is it even a birthday (or any special occasion) if you don’t take family snaps to remember the moment, I love family photos with us all in but it’s so hard to get Amelia to smile for them. She just has a million other things she’d rather be doing than taking photos which I get so I’m grateful for every snap she lets me take.

Monday is her actual birthday so we did it all again today, I spent Sunday night setting up her gifts and balloons in the lounge for her to have in the morning.

We’ve tried not to get too many ‘toys’ this year, she has so many already and hardly plays with her. She’s more interested in books and colouring at the moment so I’ve mostly bought her story books and craft items like crayons, stickers, colouring books and paints to make a craft box that we can use to play and make things together.

My parents bought her mostly puzzles to help her learn letters and shapes and more books. So far her favourite thing is to tip all the puzzle pieces on the floor an then announce loudly that she’s tidying up, only to tip them out again and on and on it goes…

We also decided, a little last minute, to buy her a scooter after seeing her use one at nursery and she was so excited when she saw it this morning that she had to jump on it before she even realised there were more gifts.

There hasn’t been a chance to go out and play on it yet, we were meant to go to the zoo today but again the weather has scuppered that idea. We decided to try feeding the ducks since we didn’t get the chance yesterday.

It started raining almost as soon as we got there but we did a few cows, some ducks and fed some geese. We also got to jump in some puddles with our new wellie boots so it was a good trip even if it didn’t last as long as planned.

We stopped off on the way home at a soft play centre but Amelia was quite tired so decided to just head home and let her have a nap before opening more gifts and playing with her new toys.

I was lucky enough to get a little selfie with my birthday girl this morning which I love.

We’ve had the best birthday weekend, I’m sure Amelia has loved it all too. She’s been so spoilt and has laughed her little head off all weekend.

Welcome to the two-year-old club little lady!

Rachel xx

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