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Pregnancy Update // 36 Weeks

September 27, 2016

Goodness me it’s been another month since my last update. Hopefully this won’t be the last one but you never know with these babies, they have a mind of their own. Since the last update I’ve had an emergency hospital visit, a baby shower, a week away at Centre Parcs and started maternity leave, let me bring you up to speed……

Pregnancy Updates

Pregnancy Update // 28 weeks

July 30, 2016

This update post is a week later than I’d planned. I still can’t quite get over how quickly the weeks are flying by, what happened to July by the way? Week – This week marks 28 weeks or 7 months or the start of the third trimester, however you prefer to think of it. All of these are incredible and a little overwhelming at the same time. When…

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A Little White Company Haul

July 5, 2016

Anyone who is a fan of The White Company will already know just how beautiful their items are. Classic, simple and timeless. If I could afford it, I would shop their on a regular occurrence. Whilst at Gunwharf Quays Outlet Shopping last weekend with my parents I couldn’t resist having a little sneak peak in their outlet store to look at their baby range.…

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