Buying First Shoes

February 6, 2018

Amelia has been walking properly for a couple of months now but she’s been wearing her soft leather moccasins which are more like pram shoes and don’t have a proper sole for walking outside.

They’ve been fine for just tottering around at nursery but she wants to walk more and more and when we go out she wants to potter around the shops with us rather than be in the pram so it was time to get her first proper shoes.

We actually had her feet measured back in October when she turned 1 but because she wasn’t properly walking we were advised to wait on buying her shoes. I knew her feet would have grown but no idea how much so decided to take her back to Clarks to get remeasured.

Her feet have definitely grown, she is now a 4.5F and we decided to buy her first shoes from Clarks whilst we were there. The staff were amazing, so patient with her and didn’t mind at all when she took all the shoes off the shelf and ran around with them.

They didn’t even mind when she completely lost her mind when her new shoes went on. I mean she cried and screamed for about 5 minutes, hysterically clingy to my Mum and trying to get the shoes off. It was awful and made my Mum cry because she’s not used to seeing her so upset but we just had to wait for her to adjust to the new shoes.

The lady helping us assured us it was normal, she was just not used to this type of shoe and it felt weird compared to her little pram shoes. Sure enough, after a couple of minutes she calmed down and took a few steps.

Those first few steps were hilarious though, a little like an animal when they first walk on snow or something but she got used to it pretty quickly and once she learnt to walk in them there was no stopping her.

She’s been wearing them for the rest of the afternoon to get her used to them so that she can wear them to nursery and I think she loves them despite her initial reaction.

Rachel xx

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