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Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Review

February 14, 2017

Prams are such a special item in your new baby collection and there are literally hundreds to choose from. A few months ago I wrote a post about how we came to the decision to choose the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 (you can read it here) and we have been using it now since Amelia was born in October.

In order to make it suitable for a new born I had been using it in carry cot mode although I have recently converted it in to what I call the ‘big girl seat’ mode. Bugaboo recommend using the carry cot for the first 6 months but Amelia hated lying down in it. Not because it was uncomfortable but because she was missing out on looking around and seeing everyone so I moved her to the ‘big girl seat’ when she was 15 weeks old and it’s been so much more enjoyable for her.

Things I like about it:

  • It’s suitable from birth (with the carry cot) up to age 3 so I don’t need to buy another pram or stroller
  • The fabric for the carry cot and chair attach to the same framework. When one of them is not in use you can just fold it up and put it away
  • The handle can be flipped over to put the larger wheels at the front to help you steer the pram over rough ground such as fields or cobbled streets
  • The hood has three stages and can be brought down to almost completely cover baby which can be helpful to protect their eyes from low sun or if they have fallen asleep and you don’t want to wake them
  • When in carry cot mode there is no need for straps, you just lay your new born down on the padded mattress, add a blanket for warmth and snuggles and zip up the cover. They are kept super cosy and safe
  • The carry cot almost feels a bit like a moses basket, if you’re baby likes sleeping in their moses they are likely to enjoy sleeping in the carry cot too
  • It’s smooth, the wheels are large enough that it feels like it glides along the pavement and it’s easy to steer up and down curbs
  • It has presence when you push it, it’s a little heavy but for me it just feels like you have a proper piece of equipment in your hands and you feel like your baby is safe and comfortable
  • The handle is adjusted up and down and can be moved to the perfect height for myself and hubby (we’re about around 6 foot) and my parents (who are both around 5 foot 7)
  • It folds up in one sequence although you do need to remove the carry cot/seat before you fold the frame
  • the carry cot and seat each have their own feet, you can take them off the pram frame and set them down on their own and they are stable. This can be really helpful if you are visiting people and want somewhere safe to let baby sleep or your child needs to have their own seat that has straps and can keep them secure
  • As well as being able to flip the handle over to help with tricky terrain you can also do this in cafes and restaurants to allow you to pull the pram right up to the table and get your little one involved when you go out
  • It all matches, I know this is a cosmetic thing but if I’m pushing the pram around everyday I want it to look good. I love that the hood, cot/seat and basket fabric are all the same colour and match
  • The cosy toes is super easy to fit, the straps feed through it easily and it’s so warm and cosy you know your little one is tucked up warm even when it’s really cold. The high performance foot muff that we chose also comes with a winter and a spring blanket so that babies don’t get too hot or cold
  • The big seat has a 5 point harness for security and this is actually easier to fasten than the 3 point harness on our car seat even though are additional straps
  • You can change the look simply by buying different fabrics. If you wanted to have a red pram you just need to buy a red hood and a red cosy toes insert and there you have it, brand new pram
  • There are official Bugaboo accessories such as the cup holder (shown below), parasol, sun canopy, toddler board and phone holder (I need this so bad)

Things I don’t like about it:

  • When in carry cot mode it is almost impossible to access the basket. This is partly the reason I tried Amelia in the big seat so early as I was really struggling with going out and not being able to access the basket. Now with the big seat on the basket is accessible and I can actually carry things home without them all bumping again my shins hanging from the handle.
  • The brake is a two handed job, you need to push the lever and then press the button. I understand why Bugaboo have done this as it makes it too complicated for little fingers to accidently release the brake but when you’re in a hurry to get out of the way it can be quite fiddly and if you don’t have both hands free it can be really awkward
  • The only way I can store it in my car’s boot is to put the frame in first with the seat or carry cot on top, this is fine unless the wheels are wet and dirty (which in a British winter is all the time). Now I’m putting the fabric of the seat directly on top of the mud and bouncing it around in the car. This probably wouldn’t be a problem if I had a Range Rover but I don’t.
  • It’s quite heavy, when pushing it around this isn’t a big deal but when you have been shopping and the basket is full and you have a couple of bags hanging from the handle you don’t want to encounter any steeps hills
  • Following my C-section I found it almost impossible to load into or out of the car, in fact I found it hard enough lifting the empty carry cot onto the frame. This is short lived though and once I had healed it has been fine

Now that I have been using the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 for a few months I feel like I know it; I know just how much pressure to apply to tip it up a curb without waking her when she sleeps, I know how much stuff I can force into the basket without it all falling out, I can set her up and strap her in safely in a matter of moments without faffing, I can fold it and get it in the car on my own. It’s a bit like driving a car, you learn how to manoeuvre it, which gaps it will fit through and which it most certainly won’t.

Just like driving and owning a car, your pram is very personal to you. It’s like an extension of your arms and ultimately you have to love it! You have to want to push it around, you have to be proud of it and ultimately your hearts desire for it needs to out weigh any of the annoying things you don’t like so much.

That’s how I feel about the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 – if someone asked me to write down why I chose it and why I love it so much I probably couldn’t. Not one singular reason anyway, I just love it! It has my heart and I feel great when I’m out walking with it. It’s a super added bonus that Amelia is happy in it too.

Rachel xx


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