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Boba 4GS Baby Carrier // Review

September 25, 2019

Baby wearing is a very personal thing, you’re either really into it and can’t think of anything better, or you don’t get on with it at all.

I fear I want to be the first but might be falling into the latter. I’ve been trying to find the baby carrier that’s just right for me and have been using this Boba 4GS since my birthday in March (it was my gift from all of my friends). I believe my carrier was called the Boba 4G which appears to have been replaced by the 4GS.

Please don’t ask me what the 4GS stands for as I haven’t a clue but the design I chose is called Mama Bear and I just loved the pattern. We’ve been using it on and off for a few months now and I just don’t know if baby wearing is for me, I use it mostly for the nursery run when I don’t want to take the pram just to walk across the road and I have used it at the seaside once but other than that it’s been for very short trips or if I’m watching Amelia play in the garden and don’t have anywhere to put Taya down.

The reason I chose the Boba is because I wanted a carrier that was all one piece, I had previously (when Amelia was born) purchased a Close Caboo but it’s a two piece system with lots of straps and buckles and it’s a bit confusing when they all get tangled up.

I wanted something that I could clip on, pop her in and off we go and for that, the Boba is great. There is one buckle around the waist, one across the shoulder blades and then you use the straps under your arms to pull it super tight and hold baby to you like a snuggly little kangaroo.

There are things about the Boba 4GS that I love;

  • Super easy to put on when you’re on your own, as long as you can reach the buckle between your shoulders.
  • Fold away hood that can provide baby’s head with protection from wind, rain and sun and can also help to remove stimulation if you want them to close their eyes and have a nap.
  • Small pocket at the front of the waist band that could hold a smallish phone or keys. It won’t hold either for me as I have an iPhone 8+ and loads of keyrings but it’s there as an option.
  • The pattern I chose is so adorable, it does make it more expensive than some of the more plain colours but I just adore the little baby bears.
  • It comes with a new born insert; I can’t remember the exact weight limits for the insert but you have it folded at first for really new born babies and then unfolded up to a certain weight and then you can remove it entirely.
  • Mine also came with toddler leg straps that can be added when your child gets bigger and needs more support although the website suggests this is isn’t included in the box with the 4GS model.

There’s just a couple of things that I don’t love;

  • The buckles under the arms, sit right under my arms. I’m sure that’s the idea but they’re so uncomfortable. Sometimes its painful and is part of the reason I’ve not worn it for longer trips. I’m pretty sure that someone with smaller toned arms probably wouldn’t notice this issue but I’m not one of them so for me, it really bugs me.
  • You can’t wear baby facing out, I didn’t think this would bother me when I chose it but now that she’s getting older I really wish this was an option.

The reason I say I don’t think baby wearing is for me has nothing to do with this carrier, other than the under arm buckles I have nothing bad to say about it. It’s a wonderful design and it’s overall very easy to use.

I think my issue stems from Taya being pretty heavy, she’s getting on for 20lbs already which is a lot to lug around when I’ve already got a lot of my own excess weight to carry. Which leads me to my second issue, weight. I simply find having the straps so tight is uncomfortable. It digs in to my tummy and my back, it gives me extra lumps and bumps and trust me I don’t need any more but you have to have it tight otherwise you’ll have back ache within 5 mins.

Maybe if I was a couple of stone lighter and didn’t have so much extra padding to squeeze in I might enjoy it more, Taya certainly loves it. She falls asleep every time and when she’s not asleep, she’s looking around or just resting on me. She’s calm when she’s in the carrier and it means I can have my hands free to hold Amelia’s hand or play with her.

Would I recommend the Boba 4GS? Yes I would, if you know that you enjoy baby wearing and you want something you can put on really easily and just get out and go.

Rachel xx

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