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Bamboo Bamboo Wooden Teething Rings Review

February 21, 2017

I just want to start off with a big thank you to Joel at Bamboo Bamboo for sending us this gorgeous pair of wooden bunny ear teethers, I had never even heard of this style of toy before and have been so amazed by how much Amelia has bonded with them.

If you haven’t heard from them before, Bamboo Bamboo are a new up and coming brand making baby products from eco-friendly wood. Their range of products includes suction bowls and wooden and silicone spoons for when your child start to wean, wooden plates for when they progress to finger food, natural bamboo cotton muslins and the wooden teething rings we have been using.

Honestly, if you haven’t given your child a teether like this before, give it a go. It was the first toy Amelia showed any interest in. The wooden ring is just the right width for her tiny hands to hold perfectly and she is able to grip it tightly and hold it for longer than any of her other toys.

Things I like about it:

  • As I’ve just mentioned, the wooden ring is a great thickness for tiny hands to grip hold of
  • The wood is soft and smooth, I was a little hesitant that when wet she might get a splinter or the wood might be rough but it’s completely smooth and actually less likely to hurt her than some of her plastic toys
  • The fabric bunny ears have crinkle material in them which she loves to hold and squish in her hands, she also quite likes to eat the ears as well as the ring
  • Even when they have sucks, chewed and dribbled on the wood is never dripping wet. It goes a darker shade so you can tell that it is wet but it doesn’t feel wet and slobbery like the plastic or silicone teethers
  • They come in a pair, you might not think this is important but your baby is going to love it so much you will need two. One for chomping on and one in your bag or tied to the pram or in the nursery. We have one we take out with us in the car, pram or bag and one that stays in the house in her ever growing toy box
  • The fabric is machine washable, just undo the ears and pop it in the washing machine with everything else. No need for special care or extra cleaning chores – music to my ears

Things I don’t like about it:

  • By my own admission this is not a negative of the product, I simply can’t tie the bunny ears back on as nicely as they were originally. I can’t seem to tie them on with all the fabric lying flat. It’s like when they gift wrap something in a store at Christmas, you daren’t open it again because you will never tie that bow the same.
  • I wish I had more of them. Isn’t that a nice negative to have. Amelia loves them so much I wish I had one for every room in the house just so I had it on hand for her where ever we are. One in the living room, nursery, car, pram, baby bag, my bag…you get the idea.

If you would like to get your own Bamboo Bamboo teethers you can find them on Amazon here.

I can’t wait for Amelia to start weaning, the lovely guys at Bamboo Bamboo have told me there is a suction bowl with her name on it when the times comes and I just know she is going to love it and it’s going to look perfect with our Oxo Tot Sprout high chair that is currently awaiting assembly.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review by Bamboo Bamboo.

Rachel xx


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