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Baby’s First Snow Day

March 2, 2018

Well, the #beastfromtheeast# has certainly landed with a punch hasn’t it, I know we’re all getting and tired of talking about the weather so I won’t mention how blooming freezing it has been or how much snow we have had; it’s not a lot compared to parts of the country but it is a lot for the south coast.

Due to travel and weather we had an unexpected snow day together today and whilst Amelia wasn’t keen on the snow when it first started falling I thought she might enjoy it a little more when there was more of it and it was fluffy and crunchy.

I was wrong! She hated it, everything about it. Too cold, too white, too hard to walk in. Bless her, she did take a few curious steps but I can only imagine how strange underfoot it must have felt to her especially when walking is new to her anyway so after a few tentative steps she asked to be carried.

We walked her around a little so she could see the snow in the gardens and trees and we took a couple of really cute photos together and then headed home for a nap.

Maybe she’ll enjoy it a little more next time, whenever that may be. I’m certainly in no hurry for this weather again any time soon.

How much snow have you had, have you been out having fun and building snowmen?

Rachel xx




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