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Baby Jogger City Select Double // Review

April 1, 2019

We’ve been using the Baby Jogger City Select for a few months now, at first I was using it as a single for Amelia before her sister was born but for the last 2 months we’ve been using it as a double as well.

First of all, let me tell you what we have in our travel system:

  • double frame
  • 1 carry cot
  • 1 toddler seat
  • 1 glider board
  • 1 maxi-cosi car seat with adapters

There are a few different combinations you can use with the pram, it can be either a single pram or a double which was one of the main reasons we chose it. I won’t always have both children with me and Amelia won’t always want to sit it in so on those days I can use it as a single but I know I have the options to make it a double when needed.

So, here are my thoughts on the things I love about it and the things I’m not so keen on:

Why I love it

  • It’s really easy to fold, so much easier than my Bugaboo was and I’ve never once had a problem with it not folding or unfolding correctly.
  • It’s really stable and easy to push with one hand when in single mode. I’ve pushed it round town in both car seat and carry cot mode whilst either holding bags or holding Amelia’s hand and its easy to steer or take up and down curbs no problem.
  • It feels really strong when you push it. I know all prams are built to a set standard but the City Select feels rugged. It feels like it can handle anything and I suppose when it has to carry two children it needs to be strong.
  • It’s really quick to change from a single to a double, simply add the lower adapters and then you can either use the toddler seat or the carry cot at the front with the other at the back.
  • I love the way it stacks the seats, this might sound really odd but I hate tandem prams where one child is under the other sat in the basket. With the City Select the child near the handle is up high whilst the child in front is lower down. Everyone can see, no one is cramped under a chair and I still have access to the basket.
  • Talking of the basket, its massive. On a normal day it will hold my bulging baby backpack (because newborns need so much stuff) and shopping bags without any trouble. There are zips at the front and back of the basket so that you can lower the panels and this will either give you a bit more space or easier access to your stuff when you have all the seats on the frame.
  • The basket is also big enough to sit a toddler with tired legs. Tried it, loved it, it saved my life in the middle of town!
  • The Baby Jogger glider board is a lovely extra, I did not like the idea of a buggy board AT ALL and we’ve only used it a couple of times as I was convinced Amelia would hate it but she actually loves it and now we will be using it ALL THE TIME. It feels really secure and it handles bumps and curbs really well. Amelia loves that she can stand on it and look in on her baby sister too which is lovely.


Things I Don’t Like

  • It’s heavy, so very heavy. This is only really a problem when using it as a double but it takes all my energy to manoeuvre it and if there’s a hill involved then I’m screwed! I defo am not going to need a gym membership this year.
  • The frame on its own weighs about the same as a small elephant. Lifting it in and out of the car boot is still hard work 8 weeks after my section but in those first few weeks it was just impossible.
  • It’s long, like the size of a bus long. I know it’s carrying two children and therefore has to be bigger but when it’s in double mode it feels like its about 10 foot long and has a really weird centre of gravity. That could be the way we have it set up with the carry cot and the toddler seat though so if you have a different set up it might not be an issue.
  • Baby Jogger have made a really odd decision around how the car seat adapters fit to the frame, they’re labelled left and right which is helpful BUT you put them in as if you are facing the pram rather than holding the handle. If you’re stood at the top (handle end) then left is right and right is left and I get it wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME. I can’t see any logical reason why they’ve done this other than to make a mockery of tired parents.
  • The glider board for me is an ankle bruiser. I’m tall and have a pretty long stride, I can’t walk with the glider board attached without kicking it. Luckily it’s easy to steer with one hand so I have found it much easier to walk to the side of it rather than behind it.

So, would I recommend it? Yes I would. It’s been great for us so far and I feel like I can rely on it to carry everything and everyone when I need it to.

It’s not the prettiest thing one the market, it’s no Bugaboo or Silver Cross but to be honest when you have two children its not about looks anymore. It’s about functionality, how much can it carry and will all my babies be safe when we’re out and about.

I love it and I’m so glad I pushed and convinced my husband that we needed a double pram because this one is great and has made going out with the girls on my own so much easier.

Rachel xx


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